What does afk mean in among us?

When playing the among us game, you don't need any important knowledge. But when it comes to chatting you need many. Because someone will say words like "AFK, gg, sus, and others. But you don't know the mean of gg, sus, afk, and others. What they're trying to say? So, Today we are covering what does shortcut chatting code means.

what does afk mean in among us

Typing shortcuts are very important in among us game. Because when an imposter blames you first and voted out it will be a pretty sad moment. But at the same time, if you had known the meaning of afk as well as other keywords then that won't happen. Like if you tell him sus then every dumbs will vote him out.

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What does AFK mean in among us?

afk meaning in among us

Away From Keyboard

The full form of AFK is Away from keyboard. The meaning of AFK is the time when you or any other player goes offline and standing still on the game. Sometimes, when you will see the person saying White is AFK, then remember that he is offline.

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Example Of AFK In Among Us


Well, I think you understand the meaning of afk in among us. Comment below if you have any meaning quires related to among us shortcut words.


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