Review of Fau-g Fauji game

Finally, The fauji/Fau-G game has been successfully released on playstore. Even Pm modi ji is going to play it. It's a very excellent game for India. Now, You can download it now from playstore. Before that, we will review the game. And answers the questions like what is good in fauji and bad in fauji.

On Twitter Vishal Gondal, Official nCoreGames has already twitted. May player's devices are not good to play in their android. So, they want to check if it is good to buy a new android or not. Many people try to know the review of fauji game because they want to make a youtube channel of only fauji game. All we left is to review it.

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review of fau-g fauji Game

Review of fauji/Fau-G game

First, of all, the full form of fauji/Fau-G game is Fearless and United Guards. Fauji will be an online and offline multiplayer game that can you play with friends. But that's kinda expectation for you because there is no battle royale which I will tell you later. The founder of this fauji/Fau-G game is nCoreGames. There are many features that will be coming soon.

I will go directly forward. Now, we can easily download fauji game by only searching on playstore. The game has 500 to 800 MB according to the devices. And if there is more size then there will be more graphics. Your mobile should be more than 4Gb ram and at least android version 8 or oreo according to me. 

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Before reviewing I would like to let you know how to download fauji/Fauji mobile game on your device.

Download Fau-g Fauji Game

You can download it now by following these steps

Step 1: Open playstore

Step 2: Search Fau-G or Fearless

Step 3: Click on the first one

Step 4: Click on install

Step 5: Accept the privacy

Step 6: Wait until it says open

Step 7: Now, when it is installed close the playstore and open the fauji/Fau-G game

Step 8: Open the fauji/Fau-G and Accept the terms and privacy. Then Boom!! now you can enjoy your game.

Now, first of all, I would like to go you on an imaginary screen. When you open fauji/Fau-G game it will show it accepts terms and policy. It is a very nice work to show it on first. Then the screen will change forward to the first fau-g game screen. It has various options and features which now we will be carrying.


When players open the games, people always want to play them first. Like that it has got three modes. They are:

Story Mode

The story mode is the only one available right now. The story is about the galwan valley starting from you finding or saving your friends. 

The good thing in there is it has got English subtitles and hindi language which is the excellent work. And when you are playing, your players talks in hindi which is a very proud feeling. In this mode, you can only get a combat fight and melee weapons fight which is a poor thing. But I hope it will add it.

Team Deathmatch (TDM)

Team Deathmatch is the future easter eggs of fau-g game. When it says 5v5 on the side. It means that the whole squad is up to 5 and if that means then players for battle royale should be 100 or more players. Another is you know 5v5 cannot be played with melee weapons. So, it should be proved that there are guns which I hope will be more realistic.

Free for All

Like I already said, these two modes are on coming soon. I can surely say that this is a multiplayer online battle royale game which you can play with your friends, there will be more than 100 players in it with a unique map, weapons, and combat.

The map will be the galwan valley but I think it will only be on story mode. They will surely add new maps.


There is also a store in the home of fauji game. There you can get different types of powerful melee weapons. Each weapon has different damage and health.  You can collect coins by playing and completing the missions of the story. One of the good things is that you can also purchase coins and 20% of the profit is going to Veer or I don't know. 


From settings, you can change your sound and graphics high. The graphics have a drastic change when you change your graphics.

Now we have to go to gameplay.


The gameplay of fauji/Fau-G is amazing for India. First of all, when we play story mode, it will tell us the story about what happens. Then the game starts. You start with the character with a beard. Then the game starts to teach you a tutorial for the first one. Like, left and right movement, swipe, fight, defend, use weapons, heal, and others.

You have to fight the Chinese people taking galwan valley. The fighting combat in this game is very good. There is only one button for fighting but the style is nice. The defend is the best thing for all. When you click the defend button, your character starts to block enemies' attacks. After that, you can only heal at the checkpoint. Otherwise, there is no health for you. 

According to me, if you suppose that this isn't an Indian game then this isn't good at all. It is only fighting type and you can find many high graphics fighting games with many buttons and skills. Fau-G is a boring game with only 3 buttons to attacks, defend and use weapons but other games of fighting are very good.

We know that this is made by the nCoreGames Indian developer but this like what we expect and what boring thing comes. You can't even compare it to high-level pubg and freefire. But the story of this game is very good than other stories. The size of this game is up to 600 MB which is good according to the game.


The main thing I liked in this game is no ads. Many games show ads that are very boring and we close the game. But in fauj/Fau-G ge there are no ads at all. The game without ads is the best android game even if it is bad.


One of the good things in Fau-G is the graphics. The graphics of this game is insane. The environment in the background is snow according to the weather of their country. The animation or character is better than all. When you increase the graphics, it like you are playing in a real life. The game is very realistic.


You need very high fps for this game. The low end budget device will not support it at all. If it is on the playstore, it stills lag if you have poor fps.

Fauji/Fau-G vs Pubg

We shouldn't even compare this game to pubg. Pubg is a legend and Fauji is worse. If we suppose that this game is not made by an Indian developer. The game without weapons and battle royale is worse as people nowadays like battle royale games. And on fauji/Fau-G there is only story mode and didn't even have pistols. We shouldn't and cannot compare this game if more features are not added in the future. I hope they will make it look even better than pubg.

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I give my review for fau-g fauji game and many big YouTubers also give reviews of the new Indian fau-g fauji game. I respect the developer for showing the contribution of the Indian Army for their territory to today's generation's kids and youths

Leave a comment below if you have any doubts and if I left something on fau-g fauji game review.


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