How To Download Fau-g Fauji Game in pc

Fau-g Fauji game is available on playstore for android devices but what if you want to play on pc.But don't know how to download fau-g fauji game in pc. Then you are in right place.

Officially,fau-g fauji game is for android users. So we need to use some android emulator on our pc. Today I am going to use gameloop emulator.

Follow the steps below to install faug game in pc easily.

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how to download fau-g fauji game in pc

Steps To Download Fau-g fauji Game On PC

Follow the steps below to download fau-g fauji on your pc.

Step 1:Open Android Emulator

Open your android emulator. In my case, I had open my gameloop emulator. 

Don't Have Gameloop: Download Gameloop Emulator

install playstore on gameloop emulator

Step 2: Open Playstore.

Now you need to open playstore. Then search "FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards" in the search box.

Don't Know How To Install Playstore In Gameloop: Find Here.

how to pre register fau-g game

Step 3:  Download And Install.

Now download and install fau-g fauji game on gameloop through playstore. Finally, we download fau-g fauji game on your pc using an emulator.

how to download fauji game in pc

Step 4: Set Keymapping

To play fauji fau-g game on gameloop properly you need to setup keymapping. 

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Actually, you can't play fau-g fauji game on pc through gameloop emulator because I recently find that fau-G fauji game has bit higher system requirements.

You need android version 8.0 or oreo to play fau-g fauji game in pc through an android emulator. Gameloop latest android version is 7.1 which doesn't fulfill the minimum requirement of fau-g game. So we get an error "Your device isn't compatible with this version ".

fau-g error your device isnt compatible with this version

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This is how you can easily download fau-g fauji game on pc. I think we should ask the developer to decrease the system requirement of fau-g game. Leave a comment below if you had any doubts. Enjoy Indian game fau-g fauji. 


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