How To Download Airship Map On Among Us?

It's early 2021 and among us new airship map is already revealed on the Nintendo Switch due to the glitch. And it's time to pre-register the new airship map. So find out how you can download the airship map in among us with these steps.

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Officially, you can't download among us airship map before release but you can book your seat for the airship map using the beta version of among us. Yes, using among us beta lets you play airship map before release.

What is among us beta version?

Whenever an update is going to come on among us, before they update a game they offer beta testers to join the beta program and in the beta program, you have early access to play the new update. Especially, beta program is for those who wanted to find out bugs and glitches in updates.

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Video Tutorial

Steps To Download Airship Map On Among Us

I think you understand what I am going to say. So to get airship map on among us, you need to join the among us beta. I think you can get an option to join beta of among us on both android and pc.

Note: I am showing you how to join among us beta on android.

Step 1: Open Playstore.

Open Playstore and search for among us on your android device.

among us beta apk

Step 2: Join Beta

After you find out among us on playstore, scroll down you will get the option to join the beta version.

update among us to beta

Done. Now you are a beta tester and now you can get airship map early than other normal users.

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There isn't a way to download airship in among us without any update to the among us by the developer team. Thus by joining the beta you can have early access to the beta version. Follow these steps to download a new airship map on among us. Comment below if you have any doubts.


  1. hi i can not claim the airship

  2. When airship will come for testing you can claim.

  3. this is ALL BULLS**T, all you have to do is be in the beta program for Among Us, you say? that's not true at all, I've been in the program for months and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

  4. for peaple that say it doesn t woork its normal you only will unlock on march 27


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