When is the new among us map coming out?

The among us new map trailer had come on December 11. Now, you are thinking when is the new among us map will come out. Some peoples are happy to see the trailer but some people became sad because the among us new map did not come on December 10.

Among us hadn't become popular before 1 year. But when the twitch and streamers start playing it, people are also playing it. You should have tired after playing on the old map.

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But the Among Us developers revealed the new map trailer and images. Which got you questioning the developers when is the new among us update coming out. You should understand it is difficult to make a single huge map with different amazing updates only by 4 peoples.

Today, We are covering among us a release date of the airship map and what's new in the update. We will clear your all doubt about when the among is the new map comes out.

When Is Airship Coming To Among Us

When Will The New Among Us Map Will Come Out

2021, End of January or February Begining

The trailer had revealed out the among us new map release date. Innersolth, developer of among us said, "Coming soon early 2021" at the end of the clip. According to my prediction, among us new map will be released to the of January end or February Beginning. 

You are all thinking of the among us new map airship. I already said that there are only the 4 peoples making this new map then you should respect them. With only 4 developers they can take time. We should not make them panic by tweeting "Get out new map faster" and becoming sad.

Although you should have patience and wait for 2021. Remember the among us game you play in the skeld. How it takes much time to build that map with fixing bugs, adding new features and tasks. By the way, if you want to know about new update then

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It takes so many times to make it. If you want to play with lags and bugs, then the developers should have added the features on December 10.

It's hard for 4 developers to make a new map in a few months. After all, the developers will surely release the among us new map in January end.

Among Us Airship Reveal

Let's talk about what is new on the map briefly.

among us airship map

New skins

The brand new skins will get added.

New Kill effect

among us airship map new kill effect

The new kill effect gets added if you wear that half-robot skin.

Ladder and Elevators

among us airship map ladder elevators

You can now take ladders and elevators using your hands. If you wanna take a shortcut then use Elevator.

New places

among us airship map new places

Places like a cockpit, gap room, kitchen, medical, armory, vault and others have been added to the new map.

New Tasks

among us airship map new places

Tasks like removing a thing from a tin can and cleaning ruby and other many tasks have been added to it.

15 player map

After seeing the huge map the developers think to add 15 players in the game: 12 crewmates and 3 imposters.

Friend list

Developers confirmed that in the next update, they will add an account and friend list to make it easier.

New sabotages

After seeing the huge map, the new sabotages have also been added.

After revealing these all new updates. Your doubt sure has been cleared that how hard should have to developers works to get these all-new features. So, the release date among us might be on January end,2021.

Extra Content

There is the good news for among us fans that among us had won the game awards 2020.


We among us lovers should keep patience and give a good time for developers. Let's see if my prediction of among us airship map release date will come true or not.


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