How To Get Among Us New Map In Nintendo Switch [ Glitch ]

On December 15, the among us developers had released the game in the switch. Everybody is now playing in the extraordinary switch. However, one of the Twitter users published how to get the new airship map glitch that only works on the switch. Today, we are discussing how can we get the new airship map on the Nintendo switch using the glitch.

By the developers and the among us twitter, nobody has known the glitch. I am very surprised when I see that. The among us glitch works so perfectly on the switch but for Android and ios, there is no option to that glitch. Whenever if anyone says to download the new among us version, then don't do that because it may harm your device.

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Now, let's see the new among us glitch to play a new airship map.

new among us glitch to play a new airship map
Image Credit: ProsafiaGaming Src:Youtube

Steps for playing among us in a new map on a switch

Playing in the switch is harder. There is no voice chat function. That makes the great disadvantage of using it. But surprisingly it makes you a great advantage. Now, you can play early in the new map using the switch. Here is the steps are given below:

Step 1: Open up your Nintendo switch.

Step 2: Open the among us game.

Step 3: Click on the local.

how to play among us new map in nintendo switch

Step 4: Go to the laptop/computer.

Step 5: Click the game option.

Step 6: Switch the map to the airship.

get among us ariship map on switch

Step 7: Leave the game.

get among us new map on switch

Step 8: Click online and create game without changing any settings.

steps for playing among us in an airship map on the switch

Step 9: Start the match with the same setting.

Step 10: Start the game when there are more than 4 or 5 players.

play among us in a new map early

Step 11: Boom! Now, you can play in a new map.

glitch to get a new map airship fast in among us

These are the steps for playing among us in an airship map on the switch.

Get Among Us New Map In Nintendo Switch Through Glitch

When we knew that on December 10, among us had revealed that new map is I'm early access 2021. 

But a new among us glitch gets released that you can now play in a new map in a switch which is a great advantage. But in my thought, when the developers knew that there is a glitch, then the developers will remove it or add it to the android,pc, and iOS.

Among is the social deduction game become more popular but only three-man developers cannot make it so good. Because they make this game using simple code comparing to these like PUBG and free fire. So, the new map glitch has been released.

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According to my thoughts, the developers should make the game more secure before revealing or adding any new updates or maps. 

Because of that, players cannot be able to hack the game so easily or they should get banned. By also doing this, players will not early access the map of 2021 so fast. Hope, if we understand this and released the update soon.

If I were you, I will not play among us in a new map so early. Because developers are working very hard and we should appreciate them. It would be more enjoyable if you play the new among us mal when it is officially released either using the glitch.

If you think I am blaming you then that's wrong. I am only providing you the information which I think you might get new glitches and information. Hope you all enjoyed it.

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All these posts were a glitch to get a new map airship fast in among us using the Nintendo switch. As well as there are also the risks or information that I have provided before using the trick.


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