How To Get Among Us on Nintendo Switch

The new among us version 12.50 has been released on Nintendo switch. The news was surprising that developers publish it on Nintendo switch. If you want to play am,ong us on Nintendo Switch then find out how to get among us on nintendo switch.

Among us on Nintendo Switch version features cross-platform allowing PC, mobile, and Switch players to play a game together. All we have to know how to download and install among us on the switch.

Popularity had become big that all are playing among us. On December 15, The Among Us developers post on a tweet that the among us had been launch in the Nintendo switch. At the same time, the among us has already come out on Switch. 

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But how to play it? I search it on google and youtube but no one gives out information among us on a switch. So, After doing it myself, I finally come to know how to install among us. So, I  am sharing with you.

how to download and install among us on the switch

How To Get Among Us on Switch?

After I install among us in my switch. I finally play it. But it's very hard to play without using the screen. So, I leave playing among us and start writing a post.

There are two methods of playing among us on a switch. Both are good and bad.

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how to get among us on nintendo switch

Steps for Downloading among us on Nintendo Switch

The steps are given below.

Step 1: Open your switch.

Step 2: Click On Discover.

Step 3: Scroll and Search Among us.

Step 4: Click the among us( You will get all the information by scrolling below).

Step 5: Hit the green button which says Purchase.

Step 6: Now, You have to pay them 5$ to install it (You need to have accounted for playing this).

Step 7: Wait for a few minutes until the among us is download and installed on your switch.

Step8: Enjoy! Now you can play it.

In these steps, we go to discover, find among us, and purchase it easily. The good thing is when playing among us you can use your screen which is a good thing for switch players. 

However, you have to waste your 5$. But some people don't have an account due to pay 3$ as well as some peoples can't afford it. Then we bring you the among us second free method.

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Step For Downloading Among Us Free on Switch

Step 1: Open the switch and go to switch setting.

Step 2: Click posting on social media.

Step 3: Click on Facebook, not on Twitter.

Step 4: You will say to log in to your Facebook.

Step 5: Without log in go to your end of the page.

Step 5: Click on Facebook lite.

Step 6:The playstore will be open.

Step 7: Search Among us and Install it.

Step 8: Make sure first you install the package installer using the same method.

Step 9: Your game will be open now:).

In these steps, you have to go on sharing, click the Facebook, scroll down and click facebook lite, then the playstore will open, search package installer and download it and search among us to download and install it on your switch.

The among us is cross-platform, which means that you can play with your friends using your emulator. All will surprise that you had installed it free. However, you cannot chat with others using this method.

These are the 2 methods for playing among us on a switch.

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Among Us on Nintendo Switch

Let's describe what's new in this among us.

Among us is a social deduction game where there are 10 players: 9 Crewmates and one imposter/ you can custom, who have to repair the spaceship and go to their home, but one alien/imposter will kill you and sabotage. You have to find out the correct imposter and get him out to get the victory or doing all tasks.

Is Among Us on Switch Crossplay?

If you missed reading then I will tell you that, the switch version is a crossplay platform, which allows you to play with computer and android users together.

How much is the among us price?

When I am using the steps that I had told you about. I have a question that among us is free or paid on a switch.

Later, I found that the price of among us is 5$ on a switch. It is a very high cost for only 4 peoples who are developers of this game. 

If 1000 people download this game, then they will get  5,000$ which is a huge amount of money. I hope, they will use this in the new update of the game.

Is among us updates will come to Nintendo switch?

After wasting $5 on among us, then they should or will sure make updates come to Nintendo switch. But we will not find it until the new update airship map release and come out or not in Nintendo. I hope they will release the new map fast.


This is how can you play among us on a switch. Hope you enjoy it, comment down below for more amazing and new information among us.


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