How Much Does Among Us Cost on Switch?

Finally, my prediction of among us coming on Nintendo Switch came true. On December 15 2020 Among us is officially released for Nintendo Switch. Before you will start the download and play among us on Nintendo Switch, you mightn't know how much among us cost on switch?

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Yes, you heard right among us isn't free on Nintendo Switch. As we all know among us is free only for the android platform. As on steam also to play among us you need to pay 2.99$. 

How Much Does Among Us Cost On Switch?

5.00$ Five US Dollar

how much does among us cost on switch

Yes, you need to pay $5.00 to play among us on Nintendo Switch. As compare to pc among us on switch is about $2 expensive.

We will soon publish the controls and more updates of among us on Nintendo Switch, so follow our blog to get updated.

Download Among Us On Switch

Go through the link below to get among us on Nintendo switch.


1.Is among us free on switch?
-No,among us isn't free on switch. Among us cost $5.00 Five US dollar on Nintendo Switch.

2.How much is among us on switch?
-Among us is available on switch for $5 Five US Dollar.


It's a great update that now among us is also available on Nintendo Switch. According to me, the price of the game among us on Nintendo Switch isn't expensive because Nintendo Switch is cross platform of among us. Thus, developers may expect some profit for developing among us on Nintendo Switch.


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