FAU-G Fauji game Pre Registration Link How To Pre Register

Finally, on November 30 fau-g fauji game is officially released on the playstore. Now you can do pre-registration on the playstore officially. For pre-registration, you need fau-g fauji pre-registration link. And I will gonna give you fauji fau g (FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards) game pre-registration link in the blog below.

Before I would give you the link learn how you can do pre-registration of fau-g fauji game from playstore yourself. 

When you search fau-g game, fauji game,fau g game, etc in playstore you couldn't find any game. Then you need to follow the below steps to find fau-g fauji game in playstore.

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fau g game pre registration link

How to pre register fau g game?

Follow the steps below to pre register fau g game on your android.

Video Tutorial

Steps To Do Pre Registration Fau-g Fauji Game

Step 1: Open playstore.

At first open playstore on your android device.

faug play store pre register

Step 2: Search Game

Search "Fearless And United – Guards" on playstore.

Note: You need to copy the exact same keyword to get the original fau-g fauji game in playstore.

how to pre register fau g game

Step 3: Pre Registration faug fau-g Game

Now click on the "pre registration" to pre register fau-g fauji game.

faug pre register

Fau-g Fauji Fau g Game Pre Registration Link 

Alternatively, you can go through the link below to pre register the fau-g fauji game directly.

Fau-g Game Pre Registration Link: Pre-Register


After waiting for a long moment the fauji fau-g game FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards is finally on playstore. Lots of people already started pre registration, so go fast and book your space because pre registration of fau-g fauji game may also for a limited time.  

Use the above fau-g fauji game pre registration link to register the game. Follow our blog for further information related to fau-g fauji game.


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