Among Us Real Name [ Origin of Among Us Game ]

While playing the among us game you might have a question that why do developers name the game "among us", is among us the real name of the game? You may have the wrong answer because the among us real name is not "among us".

what is among us real name

The name of among us real name is a very big surprise. Even the developers have don't leaked the real name. By searching on google and youtube won't help it.No one else has known it. But finally, I know the real name of among us with the best proof. Today, I am going to share with you the real name of among us game and how they got it.

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What is the among us real name?

among us real name


SpaceMafia is the real name of among us game. Proof: You have to download this game on android. Now, go to files > android> obb where you can see "com. innersloth. spacemafia". This file is the among us game file which shows proof that developers changed the name but didn't change the original game file name.

Now, ask this question to your friend to show that who is the real among us fans. 

Why the developers have changed the game name?

The Innersloth made many games at that time but they are not even popular for once. They decided to leave the company if their last game didn't succeed which was space mafia according to their concept. But the game didn't get popular and changed the name spacemafia to among us. After a few years, the among us game was the most played game which makes the developers to again work.

This is the very big fact that the game made by developers didn't even popular for once. There are only three person who works in the innersloth company. Their games had no popularity in past. They are not all like rich people from which they can make good games. But their company tries best. Their games have not even good graphics to interest people.

After a few years, the spacemafia named among us became popular. Their company was so happy to think the game has finally got popular. So, they decided to work again and make the game better than the old.

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Why the game was named spacemafia?

According to the concept of the game, one imposter tries to kill others who have tasks to repair the ship or vote out the imposter. First, they are in space as they have only skeld. Second, there is an imposter may be known as mafia because he can kill others. Joining this together they named the game spacemafia.

Why the game was named among us?

There are two reasons for being named among us. First is the game didn't get popular by the old name and only a few plays it. Second is they might have to try to name the game more complicated so people try to play it. The concept of naming among us was they show the people there is one imposter while others are crewmates. By arranging the concept, we can say that there is 1 imposter in among us.

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In this post, we try to tell you the among us real name as well as other facts like why it was named among us and the original name of among us. Hope you like the post and share the name as much you can it is a real name.


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