Among us New Map Airship Trailer What's New?

After waiting for so much time, the airship map of among has been revealed. The news is about some hours ago the among us new trailer has come out to youtube. Today we are spoiling the easter eggs or new updates coming out on among us new maps using the trailer.

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Waiting for December 10 we were so sad that the among us airship map has not been come out. But when I come to see youtube. The among us airship trailer has been revealed. The among us developers are thinking to get a new map on the new year.

among us new map airship

Among Us New Map Trailer

Watch out for the new among us airship map trailer if you have not watched it out yet.

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Among Us New Map / Airship Map Updates

among us airship map

As I already said that the among us airship trailer has been released. But do you know about the new updates found in the among us new map? Today we are covering what is new things will be in on among updates.

All airship map updates that I have gotten are below listed.

Brand New Skins And Brand New Hats

among us new map airship trailer is out

After seeing the trailer. You haven't fully seen it but I see that there will be a brand new skin and hat in among us after releasing the airship map. Maybe there will be a new pet also.

When you first start the trailer you can see that there are the mew hats wearing all of them. I have like the cheese type hat. Comment which hat do you like.

The hats types are:

  • Hat with a skinny type of hair
  • Hat with the headphones
  • Some type of "UFO" on the head
  • Big large size hat with a red band covering
  • Wide type hat
  • Hat with yellow flower
  • Pink hat with the horn-like the unicorn

These are all the hats coming out on among us. You can see the new skin with half-robot type and half color. Maybe you can found the new pet like the discord logo.

The New Airship Plane

among us new map airship

When you first see the trailer. You will see the new airship plane which is actually came from the henry stickman game. The map inside is also the same as the henry stickmen game made by the inner sloth. Many people stream about the games or you can go and play them for getting more knowledge.

New Map Place

among us airship map new places

A.The new place seen in the trailer first was named "Brig" 

It is located right next to the vault which you can see on the left side. I think there will be a ruby. I think there will no tasks in this place or there may be a download task. And the most important thing I saw is that there can be a camera at the side of the door.


When we saw the next clip, there is some kind of locker room. After that there is security. In that area, there is a new task which I will talk about later. 

When you see that room, you can see that there is a huge security camera room. Maybe we can see the six areas compared to the screen. At the side of the security room, there is a door to which we might get access.


In the third clip, we see the medical room where he shows you the brand new tasks which I will talk about later on. In the medical room, we might get the two tasks but I'm not sure. There at the top, there is also a vent that helps you kill and hide.

D.Gap Room

I think when you cross out the Elevator, you will see the gap room. But I am not fully sure. In the gap room, we have download tasks and on the right side, there might be room name records.


There might not be a name on the down but that might be an engine room which has two upper and lower. There is also a vent that you can use when you are an imposter.


When you go to the vault you will see the giant ruby between there which is a new task which we will talk about later and there is also a new task for the white man. Also, we can see the new skin over there which is an imposter skill we will talk about later.


You see the Kitchen room in the next clip. It is the same as the kitchen. On the right side, there is a room. And also there is an image with a photo. I think it might be a new skin. In the kitchen, there is also a vent.

New Ladder And New Elevator

among us airship map updates

After watching the medical clip. We found very exciting things out of there. In this map, we have the ladder from which we can go to another place. We also see that the player has also the hands if we watch carefully. 

The animation is so good that I kinda go up and down. When we see in the side there is a vault and cell which might be like a prison room.

After using the ladder, we can see the elevator. The Elevator helps you to transport to the other place. This kinda good animation that I like more than the ladder. There is also a free area at the ladder where there is a vent.


among us airship map transportation

When we see that there is an option like the records, the engine room, and the main hall, you have a question in your mind what is this.

I will tell you that this option comes when you report the body or use an emergency meeting. When the meeting ends them this option facilitated you to transport to the area you want to. Like if you click engine room, then you will transport to the engine room.

Brand New Kill Effect

among us airship map new kill effect

I said the skin of half metal and half color. At last of the clip, we see the brand new amazing kill effect with the new skin which hit the crewmates with his eyes. This the amazing thing I want to share with you.

Brand New Tasks

among us airship map new task

When I say that we will talk about the new tasks later. But the new tasks I might be not sure about.

At the first, there is a new task in security that might be related to security fixing.

Another is at the medical room where there are new tasks of taking out the thing from a tin can which is hard like admin swipe. It has also an amazing task.

Another two is at the vault where you can see the ruby cleaning which is a task of cleaning the ruby. On the downside, there is a body standing which is also a task but I am not sure what is it. I think it is like cloth related.

In the kitchen, you see the tasks bar which shows us that there will be new places and new tasks.

New places are also written there

  • Meeting room
  • Lounge
  • Cockpit
  • Armory

New Features Which Might Come

among us new map friend list update

We might see the 15 players round where 3 imposter game is good. Also now I think the profile will come where you can add friends. Make a profile of yours and many other things.


After reading all this you might be waiting for among us new map. Respect the developers for new exciting among us new airship map in among us updates.


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