Among Us New Airship Map Layout

The new among us airship map has been revealed through the Nintendo switch. Now, you can play on the new airship map. But the among us developers has fixed that glitch. It still works 60% chance. So, we present you with the new airship map layout, what's new in it.

On December 10, Among us tweet the new map coming out in early access 2021. Some switch users developed the glitch through we can play in the new map. But developers fixed it. Now, no one can play on the new map. I have played on the new map, so I can show you the new airship map layout.

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Let's say what's new they have added there.

New Airship Map Layout New Places

Among us New airship map layout

layout of airship map

The new airship map layout is very amazing. In this layout, we find many new things. The place we called navigation is now called the cockpit. Many places had been updated.

New places, sabotages, and what will be in the new update.

New airship map places

Among Us Airship Layout

VaultRuby tasks and Cloth fit task.

Communication: Sabotage and download.

Armory: Place the gun in the right place task, download, and divert electricity.

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Engine Room: Electrical Divert.

Brig: Download task.

among us layout of new airship map

Cockpit: Navigation takes and download.

Meeting Room: The trash can.

Gap Room: Reactor sabotage and download task.

Among Us Airship Map Layout

Records: Download, Make files in the right place.

Lounge: Plunge toilet up and down(Favorite tasks).

Cargo Bay: Don't know.

Main Hall: Freezing task.

Kitchen: Don't know.

Viewing Hall: Uploading/Connection fixing.

Security: New unknown task.

Electrical: Divert Power.

Medical: Tin can taking.

These are all places in the airship map of among us.

Sabotage Layout Airship Map

Among Us Airship Sabotage Layout

When you become an imposter on the new map, you can see the sabotage option. There are many functions of sabotage I. the new map. Let's, what's new and old is in this new map sabotage.


On the place cockpit, there is communication below from where you can sabotage it.

On way to the engine room, you can close doors so the crewmate cannot enter.

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Gap Room

Gap Room is the new place where there is the reactor sabotage. It helps you to consume other time.


At the below the main hall and side of security, there is the electrical. You can also sabotage light which is a great weapon.

Doors Close

among us airship all places

There are many doors close. They are listed below:

  • In communication
  • In brig
  • In records
  • In medical
  • In Main Hall
  • In Kitchen


There are many vents where you go from one place to another place. They are listed below

  • Cockpit to Vault
  • Engine to Kitchen and Main Hall

There are also others but I cannot find it because it has been fixed and I can't play as an imposter.

In the new update of 2021, we will find new taskes, skins, and other mods also because the map we saw is still developing. We may also see new sabotage and new door closer.


All these posts are about Among us new airship map layout with detailed pictures as well as information about new vents, new door close, and new sabotages. Here, You can also get information of among us new map.


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