How To Download PUBG Mobile Indian Version?

Download PUBG Mobile Indian Version

The PUBG Mobile Creator has announced the new game PUBG Mobile Indian Version coming on November 14 and also there is possibility of Fau-G Game released

Many people are waiting for both games after PUBG was banned in India with other Chinese apps. After this announcement, people are searching for Download PUBG Mobile Indian version. Today, our covering part is How to download PUBG Mobile Indian Version.

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How To Download PUBG Mobile Indian version?

How To Download PUBG Mobile Indian Version

Officially, the PUBG Mobile Indian Version release date is November 14 today. You can find the PUBG Mobile Indian Version Game on Play Store in the afternoon or Tonight. 

But there is a way to download PUBG Mobile Indian Version Fast and First. you have to wait for downloading this game on Playstore. After my half-day research, I found that there is a website giving PUBG Mobile Indian Version on android. Follow me below to download PUBG Mobile Indian Version easily step by step:

  • Open Google Chrome or any browser
  • Search  Tap.Io 
  • Click the first Website or Click the link below
  • Go to the Search Bar 
  • Search PUBG Mobile Indian Version
  • Click the First One
  • Click Pre - Register
  • Now, You will get the PUBG Mobile Indian Version first and fast.

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What has PUBG Corporation announced?

The PUBG Creator Company published that it will launch on November 14 with extra new features. To show that it is for Indian gamers, many different things are customized. 

The company said that the game will set in a virtual simulation training ground with cool new characters automatically starting with default clothed. So, the characters are not naked anymore.

If you have a new cloth and drop them, then you will set into defaults clothed. There are also green hit effects to say it is a friendly-match game and reflect the virtual nature of the game. PUBG Corporation also said that they plan to create Indian peoples groups which will hire over 100 employees specializing in game development. 

In the latest news, the company said they will leverage local businesses to strengthen its gaming service.

Will, there can be PUBG Mobile lite Indian Version?

The Company has not announced anything about PUBG Mobile Lite Indian Version. But there is any possibility to make PUBG Mobile Lite Indian Version. 

If the PUBG Mobile Indian Version gets higher popularity, then the company may think about the lite version. But this month the lite version will not be released. But the joyful thing is It may be released after a few months.


In this post, we cover  How to download PUBG Mobile Indian Version and its features and PUBG Mobile Indian version. Here, you can Pre Register and Download it first and fast.

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