What does lime means in among us game?

Among us is a game full of colors. Many streamers and players detect the imposters by using colors. There is a lime color in among us. But many people did not know what does lime means? The names of the people cannot easily understand and remember in among us.

So, people use their colors to detect the person whether it is an imposter or not. But the colors have different names like brown, red, cyan and others. One of them is lime. But did you know what does lime means in among us?

Another reason is you are playing the trending game "Among us", you have seen that in chat people say lime is sus sometimes. 

But you do not know the color they are talking and sometimes you may be lime and you get a vote and out. So, What do you think? Which color is lime in Among Us?

Then we get you. Here is the simplest answer you might get liked.

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Among us, what does a lime mean?

Light Green

Well, the answer is very simple. If you use your common sense you can know that what is lime. You might think that lime is food and the color is light green. Same as that, lime means the color of light green in among us. Also, the main fact is that the light green name was given by lime name fans.

Some descriptions about lime


what does lime mean in among us?

Scan Descriptions

  • Id: Limpo
  • Color: Lime
  • Height: 3.6Ft
  • Blood type: O -
  • Weight: 92 Lbs

Other Information

  • Color id- 11
  • New friends: Brown, Pink, Cyan, Yellow

I have collected this all information playing among us games.I am saying it because many people think that I play survival games and writing among us.

Color values

Hex: 50ef49

RGB: 80,239,57 

112, 76, 94

Shadow Value

Hex: 15a742

RGB: 21, 167, 66

HSV: 138, 87, 65

If you don't trust me about this then I would like to say that I copied this all number and value from Google.

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About Lime

1.Lime is added on among us after the update on the 2019.4.24 version as well as other colors

2.You can see the lime in the very least photos.

3.Lime is one who groups up

You can see briefly describe colors below

which color is lime in among us?

1. Red: Red is always sus. Even he is crewmates.Red has the highest chance to become an imposter as well as ejecting.

2. Black: Black is kinda sus person but not ejected simply. Social people say that Black is a detective who finds imposters many times. He identifies an imposter and did not do any tasks.

3.Blue(Dark Blue): Blue is similar to Red.It is always sus color.But it has no chance to become an imposter although a higher chance to get eject.

4.Orange and Cyan(Light Blue): Orange and Cyan are the emergency lovers.Only they hit the emergency button for the first time.

5.Brown: However, the highest sus persons are red and blue but the highest dying person is brown. He gets die by the imposter on the first time or gets eject.

6.Pink: Pink is feminine players. She did not get sus many times. Even she is an imposter. Pink is the leader of the game many times.

7.White: White is AFK. In a simple way, White is always silent. And many times he is an imposter but did not get due to his silence.

8.Purple: Purple is an unpredictable person. He has all the features in the game. Like many sus, silent, become imposter many times.

9.Yellow and Lime: Yellow and Lime as well as Emerland are the ones who group up first or use as doing teamwork.

All the descriptions are used from Reddit which is a social app. All are the confirmed descriptions about colors used in comments.


As I told about what does lime means in among us. And you have seen that. This post is only about describing lime in among us game and which colors is it as well as some memes.


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