How To Use Cameras in Among Us

One of the best tips in among us is to see cams in security. If you don't know how to use cameras among us game then you must read this article. Learn how can you see CCTV cameras in among us and be high IQ crewmates.

I basically see CCTV cameras and find out imposter but in the process, if the impostor came in the security room and can't escape out then only I do the task.

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I can see impostor vent and many details of crewmates who are sus and kick them out of the spaceship easily.

how to use cameras in among us

Let's show you the stepwise process to use CCTV cameras in among us.

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Step Wise Process Of Seeing CCTV Cameras In Among Us

Follow the below steps to know how you can see cameras in among us.

Step 1: Become Crewmate or Impostor

After you start the game you would either crewmates or impostor. Doesn't matter what you became both can use CCTV cameras.

how to see cctv in among us

Step 2: Open Map In Among Us

Now on the right side, there is a map of the spaceship and you need to open it.

how to watch cctv in among us

Step 3: Find the Security Room

Now you need to find a security room and go to the security room with the help of maps.

way to use the cameras in among us

Step 4: See CCTV footage in among us

Now in the security room, you can find out TV like objects go near and click on security. Now you can see all of the crewmate's activity.

among us how to use cameras

Done. This is the way to use the cameras in among us game. Now you can watch all of crewmate's activities.

how to check cameras in among us

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Benefits Of Using Cameras In Among Us

  • You can watch all of the crewmate's activities.
  • You can find out who vented.
  • You can find out the impostor if the impostor kills crewmates in front of the cameras.

Disadvantages Of Using Cameras In Among Us

  • You may be killed by the impostor.
  • There is a vent near cams so imposter may be killed you and vented out.
  • You may be one who isn't doing a task.

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Limitations Of Cameras In Among Us

  • The main limitation is you only can watch the region where CCTV cameras are fitted in among us.
  • Sabotage makes cameras unacessable in the security room.

Tips Of Using Cameras In Among Us

Here are some tips of using cameras in among us game that I usually followed.

  • Keep in eye to the crewmates.
  • Keep in eye if someone is near the security room because he may be also an impostor.
  • Run from the security room if someone is near.
  • Trace the crewmate's activities.
  • Also, find out who was where(location) because in the discussion if the impostor says the wrong place you can easily find and kick him out.


Me personally I was in the security room from last to first when I was an impostor. I generally get killed but many times I find out impostor using vents and killing crewmates.

This is how you can use cameras in among us. Comment below if you also use cctv in among us to catch impostor.


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