How To Update Among Us On Android

Getting Among Us game update error or message while playing. Then you can fix this error by updating among us game. Don't know how to update among us game on android then this article is for you.

Updating among us game isn't hard on android. You just need to go to playstore and update a game. But don't worry I will show you how you can update your among us game in a stepwise process as well as in a video tutorial.

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how to update among us on android

Among Us Update Error

among us you are running an older version of the game

While playing online you get an error or warning or notice that "you are running an older version of the game", "please update to play with others". Thus, to fix this notice or error you can follow the video tutorial or steps below.

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Video Tutorial

Steps To Update Among Us In Android

Here are the steps you can follow and update your among us game easily.

Step 1: Open Playstore

At first, you need to open the google playstore from your android.

update among us

Step 2: Search Among Us

Now you need to search "among us" and you can get among us game.

Step 3: Update Among Us

Now you can see among us update option. You can update among us by clicking on update.

how to update among us on mobile

Done. Now you can open among us game and enjoy the game with your friends.

how to update among us

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You can't play online without updating among us game to the latest version. So these are the steps to update the among us game in android. Comment below if you have any problem while updating among us game on mobile.


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