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You might get confused that how to get blank name in among us. Having a blank name or Invisible name in among us seems petty cool.

It makes it difficult to read who is it. Especially when becoming an impostor, having no name in among us and killing crewmates makes a little bit hard to find out you are which makes more fun.

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But did you know how other peoples have no name? How to get blank name in among us? Is this really work? Or is this work only on android but pc to? What is the advantage of blank name? 

Here is the answer to all questions.

how to get blank name in among us

How To Make Your Name Blank in Among Us?

Well getting an invisible name isn't hard,just need to copy and paste blank space. You just need the blank name Unicode and then you need to copy the Unicode and paste Unicode in your name section. This Unicode is commonly known as Unicode 3164. Without wasting your time, here are the steps to follow for a blank name.

Video Tutorial

Steps To Make Blank Name In Among Us

Here are the steps you need to follow to get among us an invisible name.

Step 1: Copy Unicode.

First, you need the Unicode, copy the Unicode from below:
Unicode is “ㅤ”.

Note: Just copy the blank space between two quotations from the above Unicode.

how to make your name blank in among us

Step 2: Open Among us

Open yours among us game on your devices.

how to get no name in among us

Step 3: Remove and Paste

Remove your original name and paste that previous Unicode that we already copied from step 1.

how to have no name in among us pc

Step 4: Enjoy

Then your name will be blank. Now your name is blank in among us. To try if it works or not play game.

how to have no name in among us mobile

If it works then enjoy you also get no name in your name in among us.

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Is this no name trick really work?

As I gave the steps. You have to do it carefully. And one of the most important things is you have to copy between quotation marks. If you copy it then remove the quotation marks. Go and follow. This works, I can bet 100% works. The proof is also on the video tutorial.

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Is this blank name trick works on pc too?

The blank name trick works on android. But searching and finding that this works on pc or not. I found that this trick will not work on pc because of one problem. The problem is that one you cannot paste anything there and another is you cannot type Unicode characters.

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Advantage of getting a blank name in among us

invisible name in among us

I think you have already know its advantage. If not read the below points.
  • It is very cool to get blank name in among us.
  • Being an impostor with a blank name gets a crewmate a little bit hard to know you are the impostor.
  • You can hide in beside cremates. If the impostor kills crewmates thinking one you can get him.

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About Among Us Game

If you are a newbie about this among us, then see the brief description about this game below:

Game: Among us
Release Date: November 16th,2018
Developer: InnerSloth
Publisher: InnerSloth
Type/Category: Casual and Social deductive
Players: More than 10 Million play it
Servers: North America, Asia, and Europe


The main limitation is that you can't use this trick to get blank name in among us on pc.
This no name trick in among us is only for android and ios users. 


This is how you can have no name or blank name in among us game. I think you really enjoyed this article. Leave comments if you have any queries.


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