Fau-g Fauji Game Official Trailer Released

Finally,fau-g fauji game official trailer has released just an hour ago. Many predictions of people come true. 

Akshay Kumar's Announced a new Fearless and United: Guards (FAU-G) game on Instagram on the replacement of the PUBG Mobile. After that, lots of people are waiting for the game released. Now finally the trailer of fau-g fauji game is released today on Twitter.

fau-g fauji game official trailer

Watch out for the official Fau-g fauji game trailer from ncore games on Twitter.

Fau-g Fauji Game Official Trailer 

This is the official fau-g fauji game trailer released today. Along with the video, nCore games shift the fau-g fauji game released date of October to November.


Now after this official fau-g fauji game trailer it is confirmed that fau-g fauji map will be Galwan Valley, the character will be the indian army, the mode will be a story mode, and many hidden treasures coming soon on future blogs.

And the main point is that it is officially tweeted that the fau-g fauji game will be launching in November 2020

But still have some hope to release the fau-g fauji game beta version in October 2020.

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