How To Vent In Among Us?

Don't know how to vent in among us game, then find out how you can vent in among us and kill the crewmates and win the game.

Among Us became more popular nowadays and many streamers make it more popular. If you also have seen the using vent in among us then you also could do it easily. Just follow the steps below.

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How do I vent? Can I vent easily? Streamers playing it and they vent. You just see someone hiding but you can't, then follow my among us venting steps.

Video Tutorial

Steps To Vent In Among Us

Let's go through the stepwise process and find how you can vent on among us game.

Step 1: Become an impostor

First, you need to become an imposter on among us.

Note: Without being an imposter, you can't vent, kill, and do tasks.

Step 2: Find a place where you can vent

You have to go to a place to vent( you cannot vent anywhere, you have to go close to the vent place).When close to the vent, you can see the sabotage button replaced with the vent button(only if you go close)

Step 3: Among Us Vent

Click the vent button(Then there will be the picture jumping into the vent which is visible)

Step 4: Go to another side

Now you are vented then an arrow will appear and then you can go to that side using that arrow.

Step 5: Vent Out

Now time to get out of the vent, again click on vent to vent out.

Done you learned how to vent in among us game easily.

Some among us vent Tips

  • Kill the enemy and go to vent and become invisible.
  • Sabotage to the electrical close door then kill and vented out.
  • Find anyone in admin then kill and vented out.
  • Don't vent on pathways because there are lots of cameras.

How do I vent? Can I vent easily?

According to the step given above, you can know the venting system in among us. As also given steps prove how easy can you vent in this game? Just go to vent which is on the floor, click vent, and vented. Very easy!

Can I Vent As A Crewmates?

Yes. There are some bugs if you find them even you can use vent even as a crewmate easily. But I haven't tried yet just seen on the youtube about this bug.

About Among Us

Game: Among us
Release Date: November 16th,2018
Developer: InnerSloth
Publisher: InnerSloth
Type/Category: Casual and Social deductive
Players: More than 10 Million play it
Servers: North America, Asia, and Europe

Download Among Us 

You can download among us in both pc and android. But in pc you need to pay about 2.99$ to play this online multiplayer game.

Download among us on android

Download Among Us on Pc


This how you can use vent in among us and kill and get victory in among us game. Leave a comment below if you like our vent among us tutorial or not?


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