How To Close Doors in Among Us Game

Among us is the game where you have to find an impostor as a crewmate and kill the crewmate as an impostor. Today, you gonna learn among us how to close doors? In among us, closing a door is easy which steps are given at last.

There are many guides among us where there is one guide or tips and tricks among us like among us how to close doors.

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First of all, Let's describe about among us game.

Among Us is an online multiplayer social game that is developed and published by American game studio InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. This game action takes place in a space-themed setting or spaceship where each multiplayer global players take on one of two roles randomly.

how to close doors in among us

One is Crewmates and they are more than 6 as an impostor who is less than 4.Both role will be given a different task. The one group who finishes his mission will get the victory.

Among us is released in 2018 but it has got no popularity at that time but when this game is a trend this time in 2020 due to the Youtube streamers playing among us. By this all the people want a guide to know about how to close the door in among us and like this.

Video Tutorial

Steps To Close The Door In Among Us Game

We can close the door in among us by this way:

Step 1: Become the impostor in among us game.

Step 2: Click Sabotage for the closing door in among us.

among us sabotage

Step 3: You will be given a map where it says electricity,o2, and others. You see make cross signs (I marked up with white circle below in image) or red X signs. By clicking those cross signs you can close doors in among us easily.
close doors among us
Step 4: For example, if you want to close the door in MedBay, you have to select the MedBay on the map.

among us how to close doors

Step 5: Wait for a moment! All the doors will be closed automatically in among us.

among us close doors

Step 6: Kill the crewmates who are near to you and hide from the vent.

Follow these steps to kill crewmates closing doors and vent out to win the match. 

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Among is some type of meeting social deduction online multiplayer game with 10 players:1 to 3 are impostor as others are Crewmates.


There are 3 maps in among us:

  • The Skeld
  • Mira HQ
  • Polus
Each map have different places and tasks

Tasks of Crewmates and impostors

Task of Crewmates

The task of Crewmates is to complete all the minigames as a mission which are given at a side like wiring, refueling, checking card and body, and others. If all the crewmates do the all tasks at a limited time, then they will get a victory.

Another thing is to identify the impostors also get a victory. Identifying the impostor is a little hard as doing the tasks.

You will get killed by the impostor if you don't identify them as also when you are dead you cannot talk to others.

You have to use your brain to find the impostor and get the victory. One more thing is when you are dead you can also do your tasks. 

Crewmates have many disadvantages as a few advantages. The disadvantage is if you become the ghost you can pass through the wall but cannot talk.

Another is crewmates have got limited vision power than impostor which helps impostors to hide from killing. Vision means you can only see a limited distance than an impostor. Also, you will get killed when you are doing tasks.

The advantage is when you found a dead body, you can report it and identify impostors using your brain. Another is when you identify who is impostor but only one person left to kill, then you can use an emergency meeting which is in-home which helps to eliminate impostor. The main thing about crewmates is to use your brain and iq very very high as you can.

Tasks of impostors

The task of impostors is to kill. It is much more fun than a crewmate because it has the facility to kill. When you become impostor then you have to kill the crewmates without being identified as well as developing strategies.

Another thing is Sabotage which helps you to kill the crewmates slow as well it will do the crewmates do fake tasks which slow down their real task. You can also close doors using sabotage. Also if crewmates don't do the fake tasks in a limited time then the impostor gets a victory.

The impostor has many advantages than disadvantages. The advantage of the impostor is vision. if you are an impostor, you will the vision power more than crewmates like you can see more distance as crewmates cannot see.

Another advantage is you can hide. When you will go to the hiding place you will see a vent. When you will click vent, you can go to another place and no one knows if they don't see you. Like killing and hiding is the best tricks of among us.

Another advantage is you can kill as well as a report that dead body which helps that you will not get to identify as an impostor but it has many chanced to identify.

The disadvantage is the impostor parties are only from 1 to 3.

So, you will have to kill the crewmates to make the same number of crewmates as an impostor. In this way, you will win but only 1 or 2 can be identified fast which means you need to develop a strategy.

Another is you can get identifies when you are come out from vent and someone sees and he uses emergency meetings.

Another is if someone sees you killing another person, then you cannot kill him because there is a time when you can kill and it takes many seconds.

One of the main bad things about these games is this game doesn't have a feature of a voice chat although you can only chat. As well as you have to use discord to use voice chat in among us.


These are the steps to close doors in among us game. I hope you like my guides and some basics of among us game. Comment below if you find out how to close doors in among us game and kill your crewmates.


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