FAU-G fauji Game for PC or Mobile?

We all know that PUBG Mobile banned in India. After that a great news that alternatives to pubg, a new game introduced Fearless and United: Guards (FAU-G) to be released on the last of October. But now many people are debating on FAU-G Games is for pc or mobile phones?

FAU-G Games: Alternatives To PUBG Mobile

Akshay Kumar's Announced a new Fearless and United: Guards (FAU-G) game on Instagram on the replacement of the PUBG Mobile. 

From that announcement, it is sure that fau-g will be the online multiplayer game like pubg mobile.

FAU-G fauji Game for PC or Mobile?

FAU-G Game For Mobile or PC?

Let's discuss it. Many people are thinking that fau-g or fauji game will come on pc version but on the other side, more than 80% of people are saying fau-g is for mobile and will be launched on play store.

But I didn't listen to both sides and visited the ncore games official website and found that the ncore games developers only the mobile games.

You can see the screenshot below: nCore games claiming they are India's Leading mobile games publisher. 

nCore games FAU-G Games For Mobile

FAU-G fauji game developers

Thus, according to these official screenshots, I can say that FAU-G game will be released on the mobile version or android version. This means you will gain FAU-G or fauji apk, not exe version.

Chance of FAU-G PC Game Download

PUBG banned in India isn't a coincidence, It is well planned. The alternative game FAU-G is just introduced. According to the launching process of every game, they are distributed to different reviewers, tester, hacker, etc to test the game and get the feedback for improvements.

After releasing the beta version of fauji or fau-g game only then official and the full version will be launched. If the fauji or fau-g game will popular and fit on Indian gamers hearts,then only I think the FAU-G PC version will be introduced and start making fau-g or fauji pc download.


For the first release fau-g game will comes in apk version. You will soon get Fearless and United: Guards (FAU-G) or fauji game in mobile devices only.

I hope I cleared your doubts about Is fau-g or fauji for pc or mobile?. Comment below what you think.


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