10 Best Open World Games For Android 2021

Best open world games for android you should play in 2021. To enjoy the open world games on your android devices you must install these 10 best open world android games on your device.

As the name of the topic or the title, the video game in which we can investigate/explore and approach all the things and we can do anything by ourselves can be said open world games but as not like a mission from which we have to follow their path. 

Also in missions, we can go anywhere which means we can follow or unfollow, the game doesn't care. We can do anything. 

I am listing the top 10 best open world games for android, ios. I hope you will like it!

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Let's don't waste any time of yours and mine and start the post briefly describe you with easy language about the top 10 best offline open world games for android as well as some online.

best open world games for android

List Of Best open world games for android 2021

Here is the list of the best free open world games for android with briefly described:)

Sky: Children of the Light

role playing game open world games android

As all of us have played the games on the ground with open world games like GTA but you have never played this type of game in your life.Sky: Children of the Light is the best open world games for android 2021 as well as this is 2014 award-winning game.

Sky: Children of light are the best action and adventure open world game which can be found on the google play store easily. Let's describe Sky: Children of the Light briefly


The concept of Sky: Children of the Light concept is very good. You have to complete the story. But not like other games, you have to survive and fight all the weather that you have to face.


As the Sky: Children of the Light is the best free open world games for android, the story is very amazing. The story is you have to find the stars to get out light and remove the darkness.


The graphics of Sky: Children of the Light is very high that the potato android cannot support this game. The graphics good like walking in water and walking in the sand has very incredible difference and extra things that you can find in the game.


Sky: Children of the Light sound is most Amazing than the others. Without the sound of the game, you hate this game. If you wear earphones you can find the amazing realistic sound finding this game that you never hear. The most amazing and relaxing sound has ever heard.



Developers: thatgamecompany inc

Size:678 Mb

Required version:8.0 and up

Available: Android, Ios


action game best open world games for android

Everybody heard about this game, Life after is the best open world zombie games for android. This is one of the best survival games.LifeAfter is the best shooting, action, adventure, survival game, and open world game. 

But only some of the android support game with no lagging. This game is also famous because it is made by the NetEase game. Life after is also the best open world games for android in 2019. Let's describe LifeAfter briefly.


The concept of LifeAfter is very simple: Explore, survive, and save the world with zombies shooting and volcanos. 

This game is very hard. You are the first person shooter as well as do other features which are in other survival and open world games.


The story of LifeAfter is great and good and like horror games. you and your friend killing the zombies and driver is driving, when you are killing, the car accidentally crashes and only you are alive. 

Then the game starts, the helpful man comes and saves you. But the sad thing is you cannot go out of there with a city full of zombies and you have to survive.


As I already said that LifeAfter best high graphics open world games for android. Lifeafter graphics quality is so high that a simple potato mobile does not support the game. 

But the game works on potato android with lagging. But I say the game graphics quality is the greatest feature in this game.
If you want to compare to other games, you can easily know that these graphics quality can win over the PUBG mobile.


The sound quality of LifeAfter is as much great as graphics. The graphics quality gives you realistic gameplay and sound gives you the power to play and enjoy the game. The sound is not missing in there like: Drinking water, Zombie sound, Walking, Shooting, and others.


Like other features, the controls are also good according to the game. There are more than 5 controls with different features like walking, picking up things, fighting, and shooting, and others. 

Rating: 3.7

Downloads: 10M+

Developers: NetEase Games

Size: 3.6 GB

Required version:4.0 and up

It needs more than a required version or it gets lagging which means it needs highly advanced mobile

Available: Android,

Price: Free

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

open world games for android online

Now, After playing LifeAfter you want to play other open world games but very different than others and haven't heard. It's time to deliver, faster than others. 

Here comes totally reliable which is the best open world android game. Now, You have to deliver to others using chiles and faster than other deliveries. This game is one of the best open world funny games for android in this content. 

Let's describe a totally reliable delivery service briefly.


The concept of totally reliable is different than others and very fun. The delivery services come and you have to deliver faster than others as it is open world multiplayer games on android with an offline and single player. 

If you deliver, then you will win the game. The fun is that there is only one box to deliver and there are 4 people.


There is no story in totally reliable. Just it is a physics game. You have to deliver your box and that is the mission or you can say it story of totally reliable.


You need 3gb+ ram to load this game. By reading you can know that how is the graphics. According to graphics totally reliable is also one of the best open world mobile games in 2021. 

The quality of these graphics is very high and very good 3d funny animation. The player has the very fat that you will very slow as this is a physics game.


The totally reliable is also similar and good to graphics. If you play and listen carefully you will get the sound according to physics or you do anything in the game. The sound is great in which anything is not missed.


The control of totally reliable is a little bit harder than others. This has more than 6 controls and hard as the physics game. If you drive vehicles, if any speed breaker or object comes to the vehicle you will crash. 

So, I said this is a physics-based game. So, the game is good but hard to control.

Rating: 3.9

Downloads: 1M+

Developers: tinyBuild

Size: 261MB

Required version:6.0 and up

Available: Android, ios

I think I should not talk about this game as everyone has heard. Grand Theft Auto is the best free open world rpg games for android as well as gangster game. 

As many people know, GTA is the no 1 role-playing game which is best open world game for android for many years and also today GTA 5 as this is series.But the GTA 5 game is only available on pc. 

But now, the tech is smart. Now, we can play it on mobile but only some games that support it. And there are three games we can play on our device.GTA: San Andreas, GTA 2, GTA 3 is the game.

But the main thing is you have to buy all the games. But you know google is there then why fear. Search and play. I will only give you the GTA: SA free link.GTA: SA is only one best paid game that also supports low-end devices.

Let's describe Grand Theft Auto briefly


The concept of Grand Theft Auto is very complicated. But I don't tell you about all or you will not get real enjoyment when completing the game.


If you know all the games are huge. So, I can't tell you the story.GTA games stories are very big. But except for the story, you can say it mission you have to complete.


GTA graphics are unbelievable. The graphics of these games are good and better for a device that you are using. It has graphics from very high to low. 

As we all know that the graphics of GTA v is very better than all the games in the world. Like that other GTA, this one has also better graphics.


The sound quality is also better and similar to the graphics. In the GTA you can also hear talking with each other and giving subtitles. Also, you can hear the sound of weather, vehicles, walking, swimming, and many other things. If you play you can also hear the bird's sounds.


Downloads: If you want to see all about all series download. Then it is more than 100M+

Developers: Rockstar games

Size: all games have more than 1 GB

RequiredVersion:5.0 or up

Available: Ios, PPSSPP, Android


With all GTA games support on your android

Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime is also a similar game to GTA. But this is a little different than GTA SA Andreas as this game is made by Gameloft Se and these developers are good but never update games😠😠. 

Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime is stood on the top 5 open world games for android and no 1 GTA game if you search on the play store. In this game, you can drive vehicles, shoot, fight, and do other things. Let's describe the Gangstar World of Crime briefly.


The concept of Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime is to become the main gangster.


As well all know that the GTA games play only for enjoying and exploring. This game is the best to open world games for android. But there is a story that we have to play as a mission. Like others, Gangstar: Vegas World of Crime has also a story similar to others.


As the games are made by Gameloft, the graphics of Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime is very high and good although this supports potato mobile.


This game is not like GTA: Games but these games have also been subtitled and they talk to each other the same as in other games which means it is also part of the best android open world game. The sound quality is simar to GTA. A very nice environment sounds😅😲.



Developers: Gameloft Se

Size:1.6 gb

Required version:4.1 and up

Available: Android, Ios

Minecraft is one of the most famous and popular best offline open world games for android 2019. In this game, you can explore all the things. Create, Explore, and survive the infinite world. 

You can do anything you want like you are a god in this world. A happy environment in a happy and dangerous world. Let's describe Minecraft briefly.


The concept of Minecraft is to Explore, Survive, and Fight in your world.


As the game is open world games for android offline under 100MB, in every game there is a story and Minecraft has also the story but it didn't tell us this is a game in low MB. If you search on youtube you can found. Let's just leave it to move to the next.


The graphics of Minecraft is pixelated and poor. But all people love this game by this world. The graphics don't mine for gamers but the games mines.

As Minecraft is the best open world exploration games for android, you can explore develop your creativity in this game.


The sound of the game is very good as I think. According to my gameplay, the sound is very effective and realistic.



Developers: Mojang

Size: According to your device

Required version: All touch screen

Available: Android, Ios

Price: Above 7$

Sorry to say that this game has not come in android but comes in Ios. But Wilderless is the best open world ios game in 2021. In these games, you only have to explore the big, very big world.

You can do anything and you can explore many things you have not been seen in other games. There is no storyline and no missions which means nothing but only exploring. The main feature of these games is a highly realistic environment.

Let's describe Wilderless briefly


The concept of Wilderless is to explore the full world. As this game cannot be found in any place and haven't heard.


I said already that in this game there is no story, no concept, no surviving, no fighting only, and only exploring.


The main feature of this game is highly realistic graphics. You haven't seen this type of graphics in any game. And only very advanced ios support this game. But this game's graphics and environment forced you to play this game as this has nothing.


The sound is also similar to graphics. I mean without these two things, these games will not be on open world games list. The sound is so realistic that a bird sound also comes. If you explore, you can find many mysterious things.



Developers: Robot Kabwe

Size:206 MB

Required version: 9.0 or up

Available: Ios, Android coming soon


Coming soon for android

Stardew Valley 

best paid open world games for android

Stardew Valley is one of the popular best open world game for android. In this game, you have to make friends in society and you have to do agriculture on your farm. You should care about agriculture.

Also, this is an educational game about farming and agriculture. You can explore, eat, and make your farm better and better. You like it if you have played a green farm. Let's describe Stardew Valley briefly.


The concept of the stardew valley is to make friends in society, become the agriculture master, and explore all things.


As this is the best offline open world game for android, there is also a small little story. The story is about when your grandfather died, then he gives you a letter. 

And you open the letter after a very long time. In that letter, he said that they have a farm and you go and use it. So, you leave your work and go to the village for starting agriculture.


The graphics of this game is the same as Minecraft or you can say pixel but cheap. I already say this game is very famous in the play store. The graphics are poor but have been played by all the people and gamers as well as this supports on potato android.


The sound is also better. The sound of this game gives you the enjoyment to play this game.



Developers: Chukklefish Limited


Available: Android, Ios

This is one of the best games made by Ubisoft. Assasin's Creed Bloodlines is one of the best open world game for android. As these games want ppsspp to run.

As anyone has heard these action games. So, I will not describe this game as others. In this game, you have to complete missions to get new maps and explore them.


The concept of this game is to stop all the templars in these games as well as you have to use your brain.


Assasin's Creed Bloodlines story is also great and I like it. In this story, you have to stop the templars. And you play it as a mission. One important thing is you have to use your brain for a long time.


In this game, the graphics are high and low according to your devices. But this has very high quality.


The sound of Assasin's Creed Bloodlines us very well. The little sound is nit missing in this game.



Developers: Ubisoft company

Size:494 MB

Required version:5.0 and up

Available: Android, Ios

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld

best open world games for android under 500mb

Gangster New Orleans OpenWorld is the same as Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime as both are made by Gameloft Se. Gangstar NewOrleans OpenWorld is the best to open world mobile game. 

The difference is that this game won't run on a potato devices.
This game is more upgraded than another game. Let's describe the Gangstar NewOrleans Open World briefly.


The concept of this game is to explore and play the missions.


As this game is the best to open world games for android, the story starts from where you steal one thing from the bank. Then the game gives you a tutorial and starts the missions. One people teach you all the things in the mission name alian.


The graphics of these games is very high compared to other games. So, it lags on the potato device and doesn't support it. The character animations are good.


The sound is the same as Gangstar Vegas. The sound gets more upgraded and more realistic as I find it while playing.



Developers: Gameloft Se

Size: Above 63 MB

Required version:4.2 and up

Available: Android, Ios

1. Which is the best open world game for Android?
Answer: Totally Reliable Delivery Service is the best open world game for android for me because this is one of the open world game which is really funny and I even can't stop playing again and again.

2. What are the best open world Android offline games?
Answer: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Assasin's Creed Bloodlines, Sky: Children of the Light, Lifeafter are some best open world android offline games.

3. What are the best open world games with RPG style?
Answer:  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld, etc are the best open world games with RPG style.

4. Is GTA V the greatest open world game?
Answer: No, GTA V isn't only the greatest open world games on this planet, there are a lot of greatest open world games rather than GTA V like  Sleeping Dogs, Watch Dog 2, and many more.


These are the list of some best open world games that you can download on google play as well as ios and ppsspp emulator. Enjoy all the top 10 best open world games for android this summer.


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