Tekken 3 game download android + PC link

Tekken 3 game download for both android and pc

Tekken 3 game download with one click link enjoy tekken 3 game for android phones as well as download tekken 3 game for pc

Review Tekken 3 game download

tekken 3 game download

Hello friends!My name is Sameer. Today I am showing you the no 1 top liked fighting game which has been popular for today also to the old gamer. The game has updated version also but the is good and no 1 of them in my heart.The new title of this content of this post is taken 3 download for android.The game is no 1 fighting game which is 8 game since 2001.

Tekken 3 game download android + PC link

About this Tekken 3 game

tekken 3 game download for android phones

Tekken is series game which was made based on movie tekken. This game was developed by Studio Deen and directed by Kunihisa Sugishima,published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and was released in 1997 and in PlayStationportable 1998.Tekken 3 was youth best selling PlayStation game.

The game was no 1 fighting game for all.The game added  Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury, Eddy Gordo and Hwoarang, with a total of 23 characters.

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tekken 3 game download for android phones

Above gameplay is for mobile but i am giving 
tekken 3 game download for pc also.
Tekken is the best action and fighting game for all people. Tekken game l is the the first fighting and arcade game in 3d animation.This game  is  multiplayer.The tekken 3 is only on ps1 and only can played in it.The game is also can be played on emulator of ps1. 

This is offline game which is one of good facility that you can play it anywhere.The game is also different from others in fighting type.This game is multiplayer that you can play with your friends which facility is on all tekken series.The main updates in this series is that added tekken force mode which is described later.This series is also popular on 2020 so i write tekken 3 game download.

Tekken 3 game download for pc

tekken 3 game download for android phones

The tekken game  is also can played on emulator as I play.The taken game starts with a great story.Then after the training scene is come.The game is simple and hard.You have to choose the modes.The game rule is simple.You have to choose your favorite player as jin,law and others.Then the cpu choose random.

You have to play with it and have to defeat with your skill.The game ruled is that you have to win best out of three which means who will won two times first,that will be the winner.I'm old times this game is played on son type of game players.Now,this I available on pc,mobile,psp, Xbox and others.

The game has 10 different modes or function:-

Let's describe it briefly

tekken 3 game download for pc

Arcade mode-The Arcade mode is the mode that is like a level.First of all you have to choose your character then enemy are randomly comes.Then like a level three is stage 1 or level from which the one enemy comes to fight you.There is best out of e rule.You have to survive and get a victory using combos and your best skills as well as brain.Then comes and stage or and level.

There comes next enemy or character.As the name stage 2 the difficulty becomes harder than before as the more stage you can go.You have to defeat all.Then comes final stage in which you have to defeat the most harder characters as I can't get over in last without using help.The a grade more I best one for fighting with others.

Vs mode-The b more is the multiplayer mode from which you can pay with your friends.I'm vs more the multiplayer features is best.You have need two mobile for playing this.After connecting both mobile-you can fight with friend using your favorite characters.The rule is same like arcade mode:best out of 3,fight using combos and skill to victory with friends.

Team Battle mode-The team battle mode is the favorite and best mode for me.I'm the team battle mode,you can fight with your favorite character's team.In the ten battle mode,you can made team up 1 to 8 characters.And also bot get up to characters you choose.Then the fight starts.But the rule is different in this mode.In this the one who can survive more team will own and if you lose one time your character will be gone.Just wait a moment for tekken 3 game download link.

tekken 3 game download for pc

Time attack-The time attack more is little different tan others.In this mod,you have to choose your character.Then,the battle begins.The rule is the one who get kill or get more damage in limited time will lose and another get victory.

Tekken force more-The Tekken force more is new mode which a updated in tekken 3.This mode is very hard.In this mode you have to choose the character.
This mode is hidden for tekken 3 game download for android phones.Then you have to finish all the stage.Every stage is very hard and the new enemy comes like hawk,owl and characters.I'm last you have to fight a doctor who I very powerful.

Taken ball-The taken ball mode is very easy and little hard.In this mode you have to choose character.Then the enemy choose randomly.In this mode the ball comes and you have to play it lie a badminton or tennis but not with bat,with your combos.

The rule is different.In this you have to pass the ball into enemy's land and they will also kick but if that is miss by you,your life is damage.By hitting ball you can low hit the enemy they comes nearly and they can also hit you.

tekken 3 game download

Practice mode-In the practice mode you have to practice. I'm this mode you tv to choose character,then you can learn the charter combos and make skills.The attack and combo make you easy to kill others.You can also play with cpu.

Option mode-This is not like other mode.This is option function or setting function from which which you setup any thing from this.Lie you can also make the button different function.As many thing you can do in option.


There are many features in this game.

Some of them are:

-Tekken force is added
-10 different modes you can play
-Good graphics
-First fighting game series in 3d animation
-Many combos are added that you can do
-Added characters
-Story are added
-Customizable buttons in ps1 emulator
-Offline game
-Multiplayer vs mode is here
-Game added Jin Kazama

Tekken 3 game download for android phones

Graphics and others

tekken 3 game download

The graphics of this game is better than before.But in 2020 this is poor graphic for others.The graphics quality are most high in that time.The place that we fight are good.Each player have their own place to fight.The controls are I ps1. The controls are hard and make combos are nor hard.I'm ps1 emulator you can customize your buttons which make easy.The all images used in images are form tekken 3 game download for android phones.

The sound are also better.Each character has different round while fighting.A little force hitting sound also come from this.The animation are also in better form.The animation of map is so good.A little animation I not miss in tekken 3.The characters are same like a real heroes.The power up animation as well as characters face and boys are very good.


I love all the things in this game.But the developer should have to add more new characters,maps,and this game should also be supports on pep and ps4. The graphics quality should be more higher like tekken 7.The power-ups and ability should be adds in all characters.Now i provide you tekken 3 game download

Link:Click Button Below To Download

Tekken 3 game download

 You can download 
tekken 3 game download for android phones as well as for pc and hope you enjoy tekken 3 game with your friends.


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