Kingdom New Lands Review Updated 2020

The kingdom new lands is a famous strategy game.I provide kingdom new lands review and guide with kingdom new lands free and mod download

    Kingdom new lands review

    kingdom new lands review with extreme strategy tips and tricks with kingdom new lands guide to complete whole game in one day.

    "Kingdom new lands" is one of the best sequel original kingdom and old games which is famous for the number of years to the people which was developed by "Noio" and published by "RawFury".

    kingdom new lands free download

    This game was firstly released in pc on steam which I best app for playing games on the computer. After on PC, then it was released in others and also has the capability for supporting potato and others android(APK and play store), IOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and Xbox. 

    The kingdom new lands were simple and a little hard. All features were good. I like this game also in 2020. So, I am writing the kingdom new lands review in 2020. The other description is in gameplay. The game is some type of survival for me.


    kingdom new lands free download


     Kingdom new lands is my and all favorite game which become awarded game. This game was an offline game which is one of the great facilities as it was a good game. This game was very different from others that I had not played it in others. The game was 2d but very amazing. The game was difficult but I am sure that my kingdom new lands guide makes it easier to pass every level in 1 minute.


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    The game starts with a crown screen then connected to Google play. Its account from which you can continue your game from where you get to leave this game or starts a new game. If you are new, then request you to choose character king or queen with different dressed. Then you become a king/queen with your rider horse. Then the story. 

    The person gets you to the island. After you go you meet a ghost which will teach you about what to do. Then the ghosts become invisible after learning you. Then you have to make a defense and kingdom.

    This strategy game which means without using your brain to defense from the enemy. The enemy comes in the night from a portal. I will describe it to you later. The game is simple. 

    The enemy will attack your base which will try to put you. So, you have to build the best defense as the game is strategy. The rule is easy, just build your base and defend and make a ship and sail from which will bring to the next island as there are 6 islands which I will describe to you later.

     But it is too hard to protect your base with the enemy because on the 2nd island the other different enemy comes that if you go to closer you will lose your crown and you are not a king and you have to start again from the end island where you start. 

    Once is there are needed coins which also I described to you later.

    The game gives you the important events which hath automatically. The events in kingdom new lands review give you the feeling of excitement and thrill which means that sometimes you are enjoying and sometimes you are fearing. Here are some important events as briefly described.

    Some awesome kingdom new lands guide


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    Winter is  very important, hard, and difficult event. The winter is the season which comes later after many days and nights. The winter is hard because the grass became decaying and animals being losing from the kingdom slowly. 

    And after three days there will be no grass which being you hard to protect. If you did not finish in time you will lose by this event.

    The  time when winter comes in different island are below:

    1.First Island: Day 20

    2.Second Island: Day 26

    3.Third Island: Day 32

    4.Fourth Island: Day 42

    5.Fifth Island: Day 52

    6.Skull Island or Sixth Island: Day 53

    Blood moon 

    kingdom new lands apk

    Blood is the fearing and one of the important events.When the moon becomes red, the enemy which comes at both become more powerful than before with some extra power-ups or abilities.

    The attacking power of the enemy gets high. Without the blood moon, the enemy becomes normal as before with their normal ability and come only one time. 

    But I'm blood moon the powerful enemy comes many times until they are not killed or they snatch your crown.


    kingdom new lands apk

    Island is some type of level in the game. There is 5 total island with different difficulties. Then comes skull island which is different than other difficulties are added as you go to the next island. And the small difficulties come when there in night black sign comes.

    The total 6 islands in kingdom new lands review is here with briefly describe:

    First island

    This is the most easiest and beginning island. It is a normal island or default island fro. which you start your journey. The island is comfortable and easy to pass as there is only one portal from which the enemy comes as also the enemy is normal.

    Second island 

    The next level or island of your journey when you pass the next island and go Sixth the ship. This is same as a first island but the map is gone big and the second cliff portal of 1st island is open which make you hard and another type of the enemy comes which try to snatch your crown and if you are out, that enemy snatched it and again have to restarts from the second island.

    Third island

    As the way.The game level I sill as I say in eat only one portal and second two portal. Like that in the 3rd island, the three portals are open and that makes you more difficult as the enemy comes from the different portal as well as different types of enemy.

    Fourth island

    The fourth island is a little different and hard. Because on this island the five portals are open: one cliff portal and two duplexes one both sides of kingdom.I'm era and fourth the cliff portal close and then opens when all the entrances are destroyed.

    Fifth island

    The fifth island is more difficult and different as the fourth island as this island has seven portal:2 triplets on both sides of the kingdom and one cliff portal from different enemies comes to attack you with different abilities.

    Sixth island/Skull island

    This island is fully different and very hard from others. If you lose on this island you have to restart from fifth us land which means you have to again beat fifth island and comes skull island.
     This island is so hard that it has limited time for only 50 days as this is the last island.


    The main thing in the kingdom new lands review is a currency which is called coins. Without the coin, you cannot do anything in this game. The upgrades, builders, defense are all need coins that have to given by you. 

    Without a single coin for a long will lose the game. If the enemy hits you, you will lose your coin or if you have not a single coin you will lose your crown as the enemy will steal it. 

    To hire the subjects, maintaining defense, etc you need coins that are difficult to get without running all over. The coins are given by the people and that treasure like box which gives you more coin.


    The enemies come by the portal with different abilities,try to snatch your coin or crown at the different times always in the night.


    Portals are the hole from which enemy comes or It is the entrance for the enemy. The portals are closed in the day and open at night. If the kingdom is not safe or not secured you are attacked by the greed and another enemy. 

    Now I will describe some kingdom new lands guide to escape out from kingdom new lands enemy on the game.

    Different  types of enemy


    kingdom new lands review

    Floaters are different enemies than others. They can fly that even walls can't stop them which could be hard to kill.

    They come and damage the area. They do kidnap your people or subjects. They should be killed fast by your defense. I also cover enemy types on kingdom new lands review.


    Greed I the main enemy or boss of the enemy which I lost dangerous than others. They are like small the if which will disturb you and your subjects. They steal anything: tools, coins, or what they find. 

    If they attack the first time your subject they would lose their tool and another time you will lose your coin. If you drop coins to greed they steal and go which can survive your people and you.


    Breeders are challenging in this game. Because I'm the interval of every second they are split into three greed which makes you lose your many coins at one time when that hit. If you try to hit them, they are shooting back the balls of a catapult.

    They can also break your walls. They do not come back to the portal. Either they will win or they will die. As it is also ppsspp game  you can have more fun in ppsspp.

    kingdom new lands review

    Graphics and others

    The graphics of this game are so poor and cheap but if you play this game any times you are attracted as drugs addiction. The graphics are not so nice but this is heavily prepared 2d side-scrolling graphics. 

    The graphics are 2d but the weather is in summer the corps can be grown in winter the corps can't be grown which means no coins. The day and night are changing automatically. The graphics are changing in timings. Trying to explain graphics on kingdom new lands review 


    The controls are very easy as We have to run and give the money which is very simple. In android: just left swiping=left walking in horse and double swiping =left running, like that in right, click to distribute coins.

    In computer as same very easy: left arrow=moving toward left, right arrow=moving toward the right, Down arrow=coin distribute


    I will tell you only some of the features.

    Features are:

    • Have many hard levels
    • There are boats from which you can go to many islands.
    • Mounts Get three of them mounted with this version of Kingdom game.
    • You can use tips and cheats which will bring you real gaming experience 
    • There are merchant  which is a vendor who helps the Monarch for a relatively small installment
    • There are kingdom new lands farms from which you can start agriculture
    • There is a dog who lets you know the enemy comes
    • This provides you new action games as well as challenging and strategic
    • Find mysteries  which I hide under the game
    • Weather changes in time and also day and night
    • Best game of 2017 which being many people to love
    • This game is not like others like pubg, cod, and others.


    kingdom new lands review

    I think this game is the best-pixelated game I have ever played. I would like to request the developer this game should bring an update of graphics because graphics are so poor, add some more islands, enemies, characters who have different abilities which is more fun, add more levels.

    And low is a new game which is 3d which is more fun to play. They're not so many bugs as I played this game. As others are fun, I play with the enemy, running from them. Like this was a racing game. I give the best kingdom new lands review 

    Be ruler and fight to the bitter end as well as brave, lest these New Lands conquer you instead.
    Challenge the game.

    Some of the best latest 2020 review which can be found to playstore

    1."This such an amazing game!! It's one of the best!! Its a great strategy game!! Iv seen different types of tower defense games but this one tops them all!! I love the sounds and graphics there amazing!! I am excited to see 2 crowns come to mobile as well!! The 28th cant get here quick enough lol. Great job on these games!! Thank you for bringing them to mobile!!"
    The two crown has come which I has to tell you

    2."A different experience than most real time strategy games. The addition of having to move to where you want to command gives the game a very different vibe. My one frustration is the levels are long to finish and if your start to fail a little there is no chance of fixing it, you are going to fail completely. Is a game balance problem. Hence the 4 stars when it really should have been 5."

    3."One of the most addicting, simple, strategy games ever!! I play two crowns on Xbox with my friends and this is a whole new ballgame to delve into. Literally, anyone can pick this up and have fun with it. The controls are fantastically simple. The gameplay is extremely user-friendly. Anything you don't know about the game you learn by playing. Use your newfound knowledge for future playthroughs. Build, expand, explore!"

    4."I bought this on steam already but I love this game so much that I bought it again so I could play it on the go! My phone has a little trouble handling the immense amount of spawns, by the time I get to about day 60 it's basically unplayable, but I can still get through it haha. Still love this game to death"



    As this game has a price which cannot be bought by all:(

    Developer: Raw Fury

    Last time Updated: June 13, 2019

    Game Size:94M

    Requires Android:5.0 and up


    2.Tower defense
    7.Little bit-survival

    Well for kingdom new lands free download follows the link below. And you tell to give mod also where is kingdom new lands mod?
    Yes both kingdom new lands apk and kingdom new lands mod apk file is below:-

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    Now I give you kingdom new lands review with kingdom new lands free download with kingdom new lands mod included as well as some interesting kingdom new lands guide. 

    Enjoy gaming and support me for more or subscribe to follow us and stay connected.


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