10 Best Survival Games For Android 2020

Top 10 best survival games for android you can download and play these best android survival games from google play store. Today I am going to list the top 10 survival games for android.

Actually, many of us like survival games because survival games consist of all category games like action, fighting, adventure, mind games. Thus survival game is rich in all the category. 

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But all the people have not WiFi. So, I am listing offline and online survival games that are free to play.

Best Survival Games Android 2020

Let's make this blog start by listing the top 10 latest survival game on android 2020. Let's start our survival journey with this survival android game. Here is the list of android survival game.

ARK Survival

"ARK Survival" must be the top one game for this topic because this is one of the most popular and high graphics survival game with large maps. 

In this game, you were in the big forest near to the big river where you don't have any equipment and you need to survive to explore the whole world. ARK Survival is also open world survival game on android that you can download and enjoy.

You will find big forest open grassland and the interesting things is that if you are a nature lover you will found yourself in nature where you can see different wild animals as well. As the size of this game is high this game got very high graphics as well.


Developer: Studio Wildcard


Days of Decay

high graphics survival game for android

"Days of Decay" is another best survival game in android similar to the "Apk Survival" but you will find this game interesting if you love survival games. 

The game starts with a story and you are on open land where you need to find the tools and collect different equipment to survive there. You find different ancient wild animals like dinosaurs wild Buffalo. 

You may get an unknown infection in this game. To survive there you need to check your health status as well as you need to get ready for wild animals and monsters attack which makes this game more interesting. 

This game size is huge so the graphics are also good and you find high-quality graphics in this game also.


Developer: DOD.GAME


Radiation City

zombie survival games for android

"Radiation City" is a great paid zombie survival game for android with a taste of shooting and action-adventure. What interesting things in this game are that you need to survive in the city fighting with not only animals, you find zombies in your way. 

This game is a little bit story based survival game having a lot of adventure. What you need in these games is that you need to maintain the health, thirsty, and radiation this you will need to collect things tools to fight with that situation.

The main aim of the game is staying alive which is going to be more complex and difficult in the game as the game is full of danger in each point. 


Developer: Atypical games




online multiplayer survival games for android

"LifeAfter" is also the most popular and famous best survival RPG game for android with high graphics and best controls. In this game, you find that you not only have to survive you also need to fight with monsters and prepare yourself for another battle. 

This game got a very good quality story also. Even PUBG Freefire COD replaces this type of game this game is best. Note that you cannot play this game on potato mobile. Even on budget gaming phones, it runs only on 30 fps. 

Especially, for offline users lifeafter is the online multiplayer survival games for android. But the best part of the game that I love is to discover new places as these games are also the open world.


Developer: Netease Games inc


Last Day on the Earth: Survival

offline survival games for android

"Last day on the Earth: Survival "  is also one of the popular and most famous games found on the play store. This game runs on low species android phones so this game is one of the most popular survival games on play-store in the survival category. 

This game had good graphics as others. You need to maintain your health and you need to fight against zombies in the desert island. At first, you need to gather stones cut trees for wood and gather tools to survive for a long time. 

This game will be more interesting if you think you are in that condition.


Developer: Kefir!


Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

horror survival game for android

"Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War " is a survival multiplayer game for android having a horror tone. You need to defeat different zombies on your way. This game gives you a role where you got a family or you are on a mission or simply this game had their own story. 

The game consists of an open world huge maps having each new discovery of place more exciting seen comes on playing. Try this horror survival game I am sure you will enjoy this game.


Developer: Royal Ark. We craft best action games every day


Left to Survive: Dead Zombie Survival Shooter

zombie survival shooting game for android

"Left to Survive: Dead Zombie Survival Shooter"  is also a survival game but the difference is that here you need to survive not by collecting goods foods, here in this game you need to survive from bad guys like zombies. 

This game was a zombie survival shooting game where you need to kill fight against the zombie. The interesting thing is that you are on a story in this game also with different game modes.


Developer:My.com B.V.


This War of Mine

story based survival game for android

"This War of Mine" is a different type of story based survival game. The interesting part of this game is that you have three characters here surviving altogether. 

All these three characters have their own capacity like cooking, storing, etc. Here you are in a safe house where all of you have your own duties and role to survive. 

The main game features are you going to fill world war, nuclear war This game was on steam too so it was PC games but now it is available on android devices too. 

Note that the War of Mine is a paid game but this game worth your money. Enjoy the game.


Developer:11 bit studios



Durango: Wild Lands

best survival games for android

"Durango: Wild Lands"  is the game that was first in this article but due to shut down off game it stood for ninth place. This game was rejected by play-store and it was found on uptodown before 18 Oct 2019. 

This was a high graphics Dino survival game which became very famous when it was first released. But I don't know why the developer shut down this game. 

You can watch the game-play for now if you want. This was the best survival games for android and I really miss this game very much. I hope this game arrives in 2020.


Developer: NEXON Company


Utopia: Origin Play in Your Way

best wilderness survival games for android

"Utopia: Origin Play in Your Way" is a similar game to the other survival games but this game starts with a young boy on an island. You found yourself in the boat and you will see a bot giving instruction. 

Utopia is one of the best wilderness survival games for android to run on low species android devices. Similar to other games you need to gather resources like cut trees, collect stones to build your weapons and tools to survive in that area in this game.





1. What is the best survival game on Android?
Answer: On comparing graphics, game size, ratings, downloads, I would like to say ARK Survival is the best survival game on android.

2. What are the best open world survival games on android?
Answer: ARK Survival, LifeAfter, Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War are some of the best open world survival games on android.

3. What are the best zombie survival games for android?
Answer: Radiation City, LifeAfter, Last day on the Earth: Survival, Left to Survive: Dead Zombie Survival Shooter are some popular best zombie survival games for android.

4. What are the best free offline survival games for android?
Answer: Utopia: Origin Play in Your Way, ARK Survival, LifeAfter, This War of Mine are the best free offline survival games for android.


As to summarize this article I will like to ask you whether you like my collection of android survival games or not? Also, you will really enjoy these best survival games for android in 2020 if you try these games.

Well, these games stood for the top 10 best survival games in 2020. Leave a comment if you want to add your favorite games on this list.


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