Top 10 Best Paid Games For Android

Top 10 best paid games for android that worth your money and you would enjoy these best games I listed below.
I find some popular and paid games in the google play store. Hi, my name is Sameer, and welcome to Sameer-Gamer blog. Today I am listing the top 10 best popular games on play store.

    Top 10 best paid games for android 2020

    Here is the list of the best paid android games that I find on the play store in 2020 and these paid games worth your money. You will be going to enjoy these best-paid games for android.


    best paid game for android

    "Limbo" is the best and popular paid game. I was not angry when I use my money to pay for this game. I can say also that this game is the shadow game and so good that I can not describe it by telling you. 

    You must have to play this game using money. This game supports on potato android devices. This game is adventurous as well as an offline game. Its graphics and controls are so good. 

    This game story starts when, uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters LIMBO. 

    Best Review: "Wow awesome game! It's very addicting, graphics r so coolly, u really get sucked in. The puzzles r so creatively, I love it. I mean really freakin cool. It is fairly challenging, so mouth breathers beware - this game is not for u. But if u think ur clever n like a good thinker, u will not b disappointed. Totally worth a few bucks. I am about halfway thru now n I just wanna keep playing. Can't say enough good things!"

    Play this high rating game!:)



    Developer-play dead


    Link: Click the button to download

    Top Best Paid  Android Games

    2.Monument valley 

    best paid game for android

     "Monument Valley" is the second-best played game. It is highly rated and good than limbo but I like more limbo than this. This game is a premium game

    This game is offline and single player. This game is an adventurous game. This game supports on potato mobile. In this game, you can find mysterious things.  

    This game is good and the graphics and quality are quite nice! This game has many features you can see if you played this game using your money.

    Best Review: "Probably the most elegant mobile game I've ever played in terms of both artistic and game-play design. The puzzles are engaging without being overbearing and the game's audio and visuals create an experience that is nothing short of relaxing. The free base version of the game is excellent and the additional content, while brief, is worth it if you enjoyed the atmosphere and puzzles."
    Plz, do not waste money on other games which I had not described in this post:)


    Developer:ustwo games



    Link: Click the button to download

    Top Paid  Android Games

    3.Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

    best paid game for android

    "Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour" is the best shooting paid game that I had played in the category of shooting, multiplayer, action, and adventure games. 

    This game is a good game which is paid and I love this game also because it is made by Gameloft and you can know I am a fan of Gameloft games. One of the Gameloft games is this. 

    This supports on potato mobile. The graphics quality is high and controls are easy. This is a difficult game for me. I had played this game for 2 months and it is also on my mobile today.

    Best Review: "There are just no words to describe this game... the graphics are soooooooo good!!! At first, I was skeptical about purchasing this game, but I don't regret it! This game has better graphics than any other free fps games in android. Another thing I like about it is that you can play offline in campaign mode. I love this game!!**Edit**Now that I have been playing a lot, I have noticed that people who play this game are NOT BOTS! They are actually good people and I actually get killed."

    Have the best-paid game with many categories!:)


    Developer: Gameloft SE



    Link: Click the button to download

    Top Paid  Android Games

    4.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    best paid for android games

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the most popular old paid game that you need to pay7$. This game is also popular till now. And in my thought, it is in this post because it can play in potato phone though it is a pc game. 

    This game is an rpg game. When I play this I was king in the is also a fun game. This is one of the most popular as well as a highly rated game from the rockstar. From Grand Theft Auto San Andreas the rockstar team came to GTA V and now GTA VI.

    It has features like  Remastered, high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile including lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette, and improved character models.

    Best Review: "Being a lifelong gamer a fan of the series it was rather refreshing to see a game that took me down memory lane while showing me an all-new perspective to the game I never saw .. well to keep it brief. it's totally worth the purchase.. the nostalgia is worth the price alone. the team that up with an overall immersive experience way ahead of its time considering the 2004 release.. I'd like to end it with ..GTA breaks the molds every single time.. waiting for them to release future versions soon!!"



    Developer-Rockstar games 


    Link: Click the button to download

    Paid  Android Games


    best paid for android games

    Minecraft is the most trending strategy games you can find in the play store. I know many people had played this game because it is so popular and famous in old and also today. This game is like pixel games

    It is highly paid for potato gamer before like me. This game is an adventure game and offline. In this game, you have to build your base and find mysterious things. 

    The graphics are quite good as well as controls are easy. It is hard to play and building the base. As the trending and popular Minecraft also falls on the category of best paid games for android.
    This game is updated and better now!:)

    Best Review: "I love this game so much! The only thing that bothers me is that I wish you would make the villagers where you can talk to them, make them follow you, set their homes, and even interact with them by giving them a gift, give them a mood they are in like the mod Minecraft comes alive. I would love to have this on there without even downloading a bunch of apps. I would like the villagers to look like people so you don't feel alone when playing by yourself. Please add this! Not in the Minecraft store."

    This is an old comment:(.So, it is updated what he is saying.


    Developer: Mojang



    Link: click the button to download

    Paid  Android Games

    6.Assassin's Creed Identity

    best paid game for android

    This game is the best game I had ever played in my hunting like category. In this game, you have to find the mystery and kill the peoples or what. 

    You have to use your brain too much in this game or you can say this puzzle game as well as adventures, paid action, and rpg game. I like the assassin attacking and other moves. 

    This is the best game in hunting. The graphics quality is good than I thought. The controls are also easy. This game is a challenging game. 

    This game supports on potato mobile as I wasted my te for 1 month by playing this game.

    Best Review: "I loved the graphics, although it stands far from the newer titles, or heck even the older ones, I love this game. I don't like how you have to have an internet connection to play. In the trailer of the game, it shows a guy playing the game outside without wifi. If you want to buy this game you can buy its definitely not the first thing you should buy on the app store."
    I like his text:)
    A good one 
    Play this game!


    Developer: Ubisoft entertainment



    Link: click the button to download

    Paid Games For Android

    7.The amazing Spider-man 2

    best paid game for android

    I am a fan of marvel movies and a fan of spiderman. I wanted to become spiderman but it is not really possible in my era. 

    Like me you also wanted but no tension, you can be the spider man by playing in the game and this game is the best game of spider man and premiere. A good game. 

    This game is the best game. You can use your web and other powers in this game. I also like this game because it is made by Gameloft. This game is a good game so you can use your money also. 

    The graphics quality is so good that only you can see when you played this game as well as controls. It is hard to kill enemies and fly up. This game is an online game. 

    This game is top paid, adventures, online, single-player game, supports on potato mobiles.

    Sorry, you can't find in play store .so, search on google.

    Best Review:





    Link: Click the button to download

    Paid Games For Android

    8. Stardew Valley

    games that pay you

    The best family game I had ever played. If you have played a green farm game, you will love this game more than that. This game has so many facilities as I can not describe you. 

    This game is the family and adventure game. In this game, you can plant trees and plants, settle with family, grow your animals and agriculture, go up to see mysterious things, meet with peoples, etc as many you can do in this game. 

    This is paid game, offline, editor's choice, top 1 paid on play store for potato android, farming, simulation, and role-playing. You can use the money for this game. 

    This is not bad to do not use your money. This game supports on potato mobile. The graphics and controls are quite good. I wasted in this game for 5 months.

    Best Review: "Awesome, awesome game. Money well spent! I don't buy a lot of games that are 200PhP or about $4, but this was worth every peso. It's a near-perfect game. The graphics are cute, everything I balanced. My only gripe is with the joystick control, I wish I had the option to have the controls as either: 4-way, 8-way, or free since I have trouble with which block I am currently facing. Anyway, this game is worth your money."
    This rating is quite good:)


    Developer: Chucklefish limited



    Link: Click the button to download

    Paid Games For Android

    9.Mini Metro

    top paid android games

    Mini Metro is the best puzzling racing game and a paid game that I had played. This game is full of puzzles. I can challenge you to pass all the levels. This game is so hard. 

    In this game, you have to make way for the metros. if the track is not in a proper way you will lose the game. This game supports in all potato mobile. 

    The graphics and controls are nice and quite good. You can also challenge your friend in this game to solve the puzzle.

    Best Review: "Fun game. If you have problems with the drag and drop just zoom first. The game should auto-pause when a new station shows up until its connected. There's no motive for me not to connect. I also find myself starved for information. I need details on line and station stats. There needs to be an info overlay where you can tap on anything and get data about it. Other than this the game is perfect"
    This text has good things and slove!:)


    Developer: Dinosaur polo club



    Link: Click the button to download

    Best Paid Games For Android


    best paid android games

    "Monopoly" is the perfect paid game for men and also for gambling people. This is dice, board, multiplayer game

    This game is a single-player and offline game. In this game, you can have money and sell trade and buy things. Sometimes there will be a loss sometimes there will be advantages. 

    This game is the best game for my uncle. I did not tell you why. The graphics are good and the controls are nice. This game supports on potato mobile.

    Best Review: "I Love this game! I want to own every kind! this game is perfect!!! The ASMR factor is amazing..the tap of the pieces as they move, the role of the dice, the siren when you go to jail, and the flip of cards when called for...Heaven! The animation and the various boards are perfect and I don't think the price for 10 dif board and pieces x4 w the boards was bad at all. I love the joy of "Sweet new board and pieces time". I play as much as possible."
    I think this player also play gambling or a businessman!:)


    Developer: marmalade game studious



    Link: Click the button to download

    Best Paid Games For Android


    1. What are the most expensive android games?
    Answer: There are a lot of expensive android games on the play store and you can find "Most Expensive Game - 4096" as expensive game on the play store.

    2. What are the best paid android games that worth my money?
    Answer: Limbo, Monument Valley, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Minecraft are the best paid android games that worth your money.

    3. Can I download paid games at free of cost?
    Answer: Yes, you can download many paid games free of cost at different third party app-store like aptoide and many more.


    These games stood at the top ten best paid games or top paid android games 2020. I hope you like my listing of the top paid android games. According to my gaming experience, I think these paid games really worth your money.


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