Top 10 Best Games Like Pubg For Android 2020

Best Games like PUBG for android that you can play as the pubg alternatives. I collected games like pubg for both high and low-end devices.

Hello! Friends I was with my friends and search for offline multiplayer games and find some of them are interesting. So, I listed so listed 5 best games like pubg that you can play with your friends when you are gathering.

    Best PUBG Like Games For Android

    Here is the list of top 10 games like pubg for android devices that you can play in 2020. All the games can be downloaded through the google playstore.

    1.Pubg Lite

    best pubg like game

    Pubg Lite is the best and lite version of playerunknown s battlegrounds. This the best android games like pubg.Pubg lite game is the same as the pubg mobile. But the quality is change. 

    So, It can run on a low version. Pubg mobile has the best gaming quality experience and best action game. This game is the best survival and action game. 

    For pubg fans, this is the best game because who are pubg fans who could not play it due to their potato mobile but they can play pubg lite the same as pubg mobile games.

    The map is the same in the pubg mobile. You can get the same experience as pubg. The differentiate between pubg and pubg lite is the graphics are cheap because it can run on low-end devices, many players play pubg due to their advanced mobile.

    The graphics of pubg lite is not bad then I think in the game.
    The controls of Pubg is similar to pubg mobile. There are too many controls that have different features. So, you can control it easily.

    The sound and other features are also good. When I compare the pubg lite game to pubg mobile, the pubg lite is for us.
    Comparing games the pubg lite isn't bad and the same rule only one man standing to win the match.


    Developer: Tencent Games


    Link: Click Button Below To Download

    best games like pubg for mac

    3.Rules of Survival(ROS)

    best pubg like game

    Rules of survival is a fair massive arena with the best shooting and open world gaming experience. Rules of survival have an HD quality animation and have a good environment. 

    This is the best battle royale game played by more than 200 million people in the world which is not a small thing in the game. As you can see millions of downloads and millions of players. 

    The best features of this game are you can play up to 4 players, this game has a big world, in this game, there are 300 players who join in the battle royale which is bigger than pubg mobile.

    The graphics of this game is very high and has a good quality and doesn't support on potato mobile. It lags on low -end devices.

    The sound is better which gives you the gaming better experience. There are many controls than pubg which is easier on the bigger mobile.

    Comparing to Pubg Mobile this game is the best games like pubg in android having the best battleground with the same and better experience before releasing pubg and as for now it is the best alternatives of pubg.


    Developer: NetEase Games

    Downloads: 50M+

    Link: Click Button Below To Download

    gaming pc best for playing games like pubg

    3.Garena Free Fire: Kalahari

    Top 10 games like pubg for android

    Garena Free Fire: Rampage is the very best and popular game in India as well as other countries and this is the best survival games for android like pubg for the low - end devices. 

    There are no lags in the game as playing in low-end devices. This game is also the action-multiplayer shooting game. This first trending game on low-end devices. I like this game very much as I like pubg. 

    The game is in 3rd because there are 50 players join in a small map that a pubg and rules of survival but the battle is very great. Everyone plays this game in any country as I have seen 100 million downloads+. This is the best 10 minutes survival game.

    The graphics are HD and have very high quality little same as tules if survival. But in the low-end devices, they have to choose the best setting to run it very smoothly.

    The sound is also better as well as the controls are less than Pubg mobile and rules if survival which is better for the small screen. Comparing to the pubg mobile this is a little cheaper but freefire is one of the best alternatives for pubg mobile also.

    What are you waiting for! Install it and enjoy it.



    Link: Click Button Below To Download

    best free games like pubg

    4.Call of Duty®: Mobile

    Top 10 games like pubg for android

    If you like to play Pubg mobile as a Tencent game, then Call of Duty®: Mobile game is for you. Call of Duty®: Mobile is the best game like pubg as this is in the battle royale genre and also made by Tencent Games. 

    This game has many changes and better than pubg when it was released. This game is the best multiplayer game as well as shooting and high graphics games. Call of Duty®: Mobile has many good features than others.

    Call of Duty®: Mobile is designed exclusively for high and advanced mobile phones. You can play iconic multiplayer Call of Duty®: Mobile in various maps and modes anytime.

    This game has 100 player Battle Royal battleground, Fast and easier 5vs 5 team deathmatch, it has also Scary Zombies action, Sniper vs sniper battle, and others. 

    This game has many daily events, challenges, and always updated. Call of Duty®: Mobile has a Console quality HD gaming on your phone with a very high graphics as well as customization easy controls, voice chat in any time, and text chat in-home, and thrilling sound.

    If you are a pubg lover player or Tencent game install it.

    Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc.

    Link: Click Button Below To Download

    best android games like pubg

    5.Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

    games like pubg for android

    Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival is also the trending survival and multiplayer games like pubg. But it is harder than other games. 

    This game is the best action and fighting game. Its graphics are perfect and for others, this is the best game than free fire. This game never hangs and gets lagged because of the graphic which the game has. 

    When you played this game the first time, you will get bored but after playing you will get to like it as pubg. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival is a survival mobile shooting game you never tried before, which can support 121 players fight in one fatal survival game at the same time which is amazing. 

    Ths game has various Asian land and architecture which gives various new gaming experiences. The graphics are little cheaper than other but the game is good for all the player which is the best games like pubg.

    This game supportive voice chat, text chat, and supportive controls and best sound give you the best gaming experience that you never see in other games.

    No devices barriers, no matter what potato phones you use, just try to survive to the last in the battleground of Hopeless Land!

    Downloads: 50M+

    Link: Click Button Below To Download

    best battle royale games like pubg

    6.Survivor Royale

    games like pubg for android

    If you have played the given game" Rules of survival", then you will like the survival royale as this is also made by the famous rules of survival developer "NetEase Games". 

    Survival royale is also the best game like pubg for android in 2020. This is also the best survival and shooting game. These games also offer you the multiplayer feature. 

    Over the 20 minutes, survival royal royale offer you to play with 100 players spread in large map with being unarmed, running and chasing people and get killed, 100 people 1 survivor. 

    Found the weapon, kill the people to become the last survivor of the survival royale. This game has a good rating although you will find many bots in the game when you are in low rand and played for the first time.


    Developer: NetEase Games


    Link: Click Button Below To Download

    top 10 best games like pubg

    7. Knives Out-No rules, just fight!

    games like pubg

    Knives Out-No rules, just fight! is another of the best popular games similar to pubg for android made by the same developer ("NetEase Game"). Knives Out-No rules, just fight! is the best fighting survival game with multiplayer and various modes. 

    This is another good graphics and good quality game from NETEASE  games. This is the best battle royale games like pubg which is similar to other games but comparatively low storage and requirement game. 

    This game offers you the 5 players in the squad with a 100 players in a battle spread on a large map and you have to become the last survivor in Knives Out-No rules, just fight!.

    As I say, this is the second very high-quality graphics game. This game gives you high-quality graphics and animation, with various modes, best action sound, supportive controls, voice chat, daily appointments, text chat, and many others.

    Enjoy Knives Out-No rules, just fight! 
    with colliding fiercely with enemies’ vehicles! Survival is only in one moment!


    Developer: NetEase Games


    Link: Click Button Below To Download

    best games like pubg in android


    games like pubg

    Fortnite is another one of the best battle royale games on android which is comparable to pubg mobile and other survival games with different features. 

    Fortnite must be top 1 but it has high requirements to install on android and most of us are searching for the games that could run on old phones and android.

    So this game was no 1 the most popular game if you are searching for the alternating of it you can install Fortnite. The best alternative multiplayer game to pubg

    In the fortunate game, most of the big thing is the developer updates the game so fast. If you have played a survival game without shooting and only crafting. Then this is the best game because in the Fortnite you can craft as well as have to kill the enemies ahead. 

    This is the best game I have ever played in pc or android. The graphics are very high with supportive controls.


    Developer: Epic Games, Inc

    Link: Click Button Below To Download

    best pubg like games in steam

    9.Creative Destruction

    offline games like pubg

    Creative Destruction is an amazing game and I think that this game is the best games like pubg mobile even better than Fortnite because here you can build and play with almost 100 players. 

    This game is also the best game like pubg with crafting and shooting multiplayer features. This game is also made by the developer" NetEase games". This game has many good features that I liked.

    Creative Destruction is a sandbox survival game that features the most fun of building and firing. 
    You can craft the best without any rest. 

    Go to the survival do-or-die battle royale. Become the last survivor by deafening other people with weapons, chilies, crafting, and others, race against snowstorms, and unleash your inner beast.

    High graphics quality with better animations and easy controls with better gaming experience sound.

    Developer: NetEase Games


    Link: Click Button Below To Download

    best games like pubg for android

    10.Battlelands Royale

    offline games like pubg

    Battle land royale is the best high rating game like pubg with very liked features and survival things. This is the best free games like pubg having high ratings and liked by many players even though it has cheaper graphics. 

    I play this game and wasted a lot of time enjoying the game. Battle land take is a last one action survival battle royale game. This game is offline games like pubg for android and even more addicted to other games at the top. Have a try dude.

    The graphics are cheaper but the controls of the game a good and easier with little good sound and other features you liked the game in serving.

    Developer: Futureplay

    Link: Click Button Below To Download

    best free to play games like pubg


    1. Which is the best game like PUBG?
    Answer: Fortnite is the best game like PUBG for high-end devices and PUBG Lite is the best game like pubg for the low-end devices.

    2. What are the few other games like PUBG?
    Answer: PUBG Lite, Rules of survival, Garena Free Fire are the few other games like PUBG.

    3. What are PUBG games alternatives in 2020?
    Answer: Fortnite, Rules of survival, Garena Free Fire, Call Of Duty are PUBG games alternatives in 2020.


    That's a top 10 pubg like games for android. These games stood for top 10 best games like pubg for android this 2020 according to my playing experience. If you wanted to change and give suggestions then like us Subscribe us now.


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